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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Reminder, Please

by Anne

Next time I decide on a whim to pick up some Sabres tickets on StubHub, remind me of last night's game v. the Devils and promptly seat me back down in my chair. Thanks.

It was boring, frustrating, and mildly hilarious listening to everyone in the arena lose their minds, BEGGING for the Sabres to register their first shot on goal. There's three hours of my life I shall never recover. At least the game went quickly, not being hampered by raucous goal celebrations and whatnot.

The Penguins still haven't won in the Consol Energy Center. I wonder if Sid the Kid is curled up in the fetal position outside of Mellon Arena, rocking back and forth, begging for someone to open the door so he can go back in and play there. He appears to be that obsessive about his routines, this "brand-new-rink" ordeal probably took a lot of counseling and Xanax to ease his transition. 

Let's Go Buffalo.... or something.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Um, Blackhawks?

by Anne

The only reason I felt I didn't need/want to put much effort into watching this series was because I assumed that beating Philly would be no problem for you. I do not like that this series is tied at 2. Do gooder when back in Chicago. NOW. That is all.

My sister will be in Chicago for her final weeks of grad school this summer, it would sweeeeet if when I visited for her graduation in the end of July, I could see all the "Woooo Stanley Cup champs!" banners and carryingson that are likely to occur throughout the summer. I would appreciate not having to see the losers and ne'er-do-wells of Philadelphia (my cousin included, but not his wife or son)* celebrating a cup victory.

Duncan Keith didn't lose 90% of his teeth just to lose in the Final. Brent Seabrook didn't sacrifice his beautiful face and resemble a yeti to give it all up against Philadelphia. Jonathan Toews doesn't look like Wolverine's reject sidekick to NOT hoist the Cup over his head. But for serious, when are we going to have a winning captain with a proper playoff beard? If Nick Lidstrom's is the most "impressive" playoff beard of the last three Cup winners (if Chicago wins, I mean), this will be sad. HOWEVER, that does NOT mean that I want Mike Richards to raise that Cup over his head. NO SIR. 

Niedermayer's was by far the best since the lockout:

2006 - no beard

  2008 - pittance of stubble, sort of a goatee.

2009 - Does that even count? At least you can see it?

2007- What a captainly face full of hair.

If Jonathan Toews winning keeps this playoff beard drought going for a third year, I can live with that. 

* For the record my cousin is neither a loser nor a ne'er-do-well, but don't tell him I said that.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Night of Win (Mostly)

by Anne

Wooo the Sabres are the best team everrr!

Just, please, please PLEASE, no one inform them that they're playing well. They play so much better when no one's talking about them.

The Sabres beat the New Jersey Devils 4-1! Tim Kennedy scored his very first NHL goal :) It was of the game-winning variety as well. Yay Tim!

 Fighting to keep that roster spot!
(In a frightening note: Tim Kennedy's goals: 1; Derek Roy: 0)

Pommer upped the population to three, Grizz took hold of the team goal scoring lead with his fifth, and Goose flapped home his 2nd. Huzzah!

Ryan Miller continues to be totally badass. It's an amazing feeling to know that your team is totally secure between the pipes as long as your #1 netminder remains healthy. The back-up situation is still not so great, but it's hard to get a good back-up when your starter is going to play so many games. That's why Marty went to the Island. He considered Buffalo but ultimately he chose to go where he would get more playing time. Now, what happens when Rick DiPietro comes back (if he ever does) remains to be seen. Watching other teams go through their cycles of goaltenders, never finding one that's really all that great, makes me feel so lucky that the Sabres have an elite goaltender who plays every night with conviction and calm. It's pretty darn awesome.

Does it make anyone else nervous that his eyes are frequently closed in photos like this?
Open your eyes, Ryan!
Or, wait, don't.
Just do whatever it is you do, you do it well, sir.

The only Sabre I'm unhappy with at the moment (other than Patrick Lalime - sorry Patty),  is Derek Roy. Whenever you feel like scoring, Roysie, the rest of us will be right here, waiting to cheer for you. Thanks.


The Pens demolished the Habs 6-1. Sid scored a hat trick, and Chris Kunitz finally found the back of the net. Huzzah!

Sid looks like he and Kunitz are at a bar, just chillin',
not being rained upon by baseball caps.

Sid: Yeah, Chris, you know how it is, scorin' goals and whatnot.
Chris: Yeah Sid, no, no I don't.

But he did later!
Congrats, Sid!

Mouthguards work better to protect your teeth when they are actually in your mouth
I've never been able to understand this mouthguard thing so many players do
What an odd habit.
It's quite remarkable watching them move those things around without their hands, though.
I'm going to swallow all the "that's what she said" comments that I'm thinking if I continue in this line of thought.

Yay, Pens!

Kings lost 2-1 in the shootout to the Sharks. I fell asleep during the 3rd. Sad times.

But! They still earned a point in the loss and haven't lost in regulation in five games. Alexander Frolov continues to respond well to this benching a few games ago. He had a goal tonight and has seven points (3+4) in his last four games. Oh well, they have to lose sometime, I suppose.

Lovely jeté, Brownie
Maybe work on the landing.

Tonight the Kings play the Canucks. I'm not sure how to feel. Puck drops at 10:30 at the Staples Center :/

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Pens Win!!

by Anne

Hooooooray! I really wasn't sure if they'd be able to do it, but the Pittsburgh Penguins managed to win Game 3 by a score of 4-2!

Max Talbot scored, as did Kris Letang and Sergei Gonchar, before Talbot added his second of the night- an empty netter in the final minute of the third period.

I and some other bloggers have a mini road-trip planned for Game 4 and I was reallly not looking forward to the possibility of watching the Red Wings being awarded the cup in Mellon Arena from outside on the lawn. Fortunately, the Penguins won a hard-fought victory in Game 3 and live to play at least a few more games.

I don't really have much else to say about the game other than: Let's Go Pens!


In non-playoff news, on Tuesday, my cousins and I completely cleaned out my car and washed it and now Jarome is sparkling and shiny (well, sort of). As a reward, I took Jimmy to buy some more hockey cards. He found a Thomas Vanek card and he was really excited about it. He didn't seem to be too thrilled by the multitude of Toronto Maple Leafs cards he's been accumulating, however. He also has three Mike Modano cards and I don't think he knows how to feel about that. He's also fascinated by Zdeno Chara and constantly discusses his height. Also, he still calls the Canucks the "Cankles" which makes me giggle. Its a long story I'm sure I wrote about when it happend a year or so ago.


Team USA gets to be all fancy. They will be part of a big-deal opening game to the 2010 IIHF World Championships in Germany which will take place in a football stadium. It will be like the Winter Classic but indoors and in Gelsenkirchen, Germany and there won't be any Sabres involved because THEY'LL BE IN THE PLAYOFFS. The game is expected to set a new world record for attendance at a hockey game at over 75,000. The Cold War between Michigan State and the University of Michigan is the current record holder at just over 74,000. Team USA will most likely win. They've moved up from sixth to fifth place in the world rankings after finishing 4th at the IIHF World Championships this year. U-S-A! U-S-A!


Sidney Crosby, Zdeno Chara and Jarome Iginla are nominated for the Messier Leadership Award. Here's an article that tells you all about each gentleman's contributions to the world of hockey and their communities.

He gets my vote

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pens Advance; David Backes and some Puppies; Matt Greene's Manhood is Not Threatened by a Sparkly Tiara

by Anne

Cari, Kim, Clare and I got together to watch the Pens take on the Caps in the most highly anticipated game 7 in recent memory. Unnnnfortunately for Caps fans, Sidney Crosby decided to be all "Oh yeah? You can have the Hart, I'll take the Conference Finals." His breakaway goal was pretty beautiful, I cannot tell a lie. I've always gone back and forth between Ovie and Sid but my gut reaction to that was "YAY SID!" So, I think its safe to say that, at least for now, I'm more on team Sid. However, I still think AO is the bomb-diggity.

Also, David Backes has snatched the title of Anne's favorite St. Louis "Blue"(?) from Patrik Berglund's hand and is not giving it back. Just read this article about David and his wife and how they delivered a litter of puppies after saving their sickly mother off of the streets. What NOW, Paul Gaustad? David Backes sees your tree saving and "Blue and Gold Make Green" and raises you representing his nation AND saving puppies with his smart, pretty, edumacated, compassionate wife. I mean, unless you married ME, I don't see how you can top this... Ok I'm lying, Goose, you saw right through me, I still adore you more. But, he and his wife rescued a dog that would've surely died while she was pregnant with TWELVE puppies. That's pretty intense. I love puppies and rescued animals, so that went straight to the heart.


Butter Snaps fan, FrankH, has taken issue with my pimped out picture of Greener, claiming I have emasculated him with my blingee'd tiara. Therefore, for your reading enjoyment, the evidence supporting my claim that Matt Greene's masculinity is not jeopardized by the sparkles with which I adorned his likeness.

Exhibit A and Exhibit B

Matt Greene is a man's man and according to the t-shirt he's wearing, he supported Barack Obama which is pretty sweet and I won't pretend that I don't think that's pretty badass. I love hockey players regardless of their political leanings (Adam Burish voted McCain and I still love him in spite of his freakish resemblance to my sister's ex boyfriend), but it doesn't hurt when our views align.

I'm THIS close to the semester being over. One more written exam today a portfolio and review today and two papers tomorrow. Hooray!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Canucks Take Series Lead

by Anne

I have a million papers to write and like 20 minutes to write them all in, so time's a tad bit tight. However, I cannot neglect my Canucks.

Yay! The Canucks won 3-1 last night! Big Bear scored his 2nd goal of the playoffs (btw both of them have been the game-winning kind, I'm just sayin'). His goal was the finish to a lot of hard work by his teammates on the powerplay. He parks his big self in front of the net to tap in those rebounds, and that's just what he did:


The win gives Vancouver the 2-1 series lead. I'm absolutely loving this series so far. It's been very back and forth and fancy. Both goaltenders have looked great and looked terrible. Scoring has been coming from all over the ice, in all situations, lots of hits and lots of foxiness in general.

I wore my Canucks t-shirt all day yesterday but was seeing a friend of mine from college in the national tour of A Chorus Line so I was unable to watch the game. :(

Fortunately, I am not working Thursday night so I will be able to watch game four!!
Taylor Pyatt was back last night! I'm sad I couldn't see his triumphant return. I also scoured the photo galleries for a picture of Pie v. 1.0 with little success. I think he's in the back of one picture but I'm not 100% sure it was him. Regardless, I'm very glad he's back and I'm sure his teammates/coaches/fans/family are all glad he's back too.
Let's Go Canucks!
Also, those pesky Ducks have taken a 2-1 series lead over the Red Wings. That's crazy times. Where was this team all season? I dont' think Ducks fans care, they're just glad they're here now.

My Pens are disappointing me. Sidney Crosby scored a hat trick, and they LOST. Ovie scored a hat trick and they won. Why? Because one more Cap (David Steckel) decided to show up. If the rest of the Pens could please arrive on time for game three, Sid and I would appreciate it.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sometimes Good Things Happen

by Anne

I got a call from my boss today at the arena telling me that I don't have to come in tonight! Woooooooooo! Its just because I'm the lowest ranked vendor and I made like $0.52 last night (figures estimated).

Whatevs, I don't care. After my bad night last night I really needed a pick me up. My BFF Adam and I have resolved to see all of the movies nominated for the Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards so we're going to see Milk tonight. We feel lame picking a winner having only seen one or two of the movies nominated. We've already seen Slumdog Millionaire and will probably see The Reader next, in spite of my irrational dislike of Ralph Fiennes. We're not sure when or where to see Frost/Nixon. Adam's friend's Dad votes as a member of the Academy so he gets the DVDs of all the nominated films and performances, so we're probably going to watch Frost/Nixon on his DVD because its not playing in Buffalo at the moment. We also might see The Wrestler, just to see what all the Mickey Rourke fuss is about.

Hockey: Sidney Crosby is not playing in the All-Star Game after getting a record setting 1.7 million votes in the ridiculous joke of a voting process. He has some concerns about lingering injuries to his knee and forearm and wants to take the time to rest. This is probably a good idea considering the poor situation the Pens find themselves in at the moment. Marty St. Louis will be taking his place on the roster. I'm not sure how I feel about the selection of St. Louis (17-29-46) over players like Phil Kessel (24-17-41) or Derek Roy (18-26-44) who have similar numbers on more successful teams, and Roy averages more ice time than either of the other two players. Whatevs, I just love Royzie. Also, who moves up to the starting line-up? The player who came in fourth in voting? I don't know who that is and I can't find the voting totals past the top three forwards.

Mirtle has released a list of the top defensive defensemen in the league up to this point in the season and WCBs M-E "Pickles" Vlasic (9) Nicklas Lidstrom (11) and Matthew Greene (20) have all made the cut. Woooooooooo! Normally I am all about flashy offense and captains and the like, but this season has gotten me appreciating defensive hockey more and more. I know I was SHOCKED that no Sabres defensemen made the cut.

Speaking of Sabres defensemen... we are royally effed. Trade? MATT GREENE? Let me live this pipe dream, people. But for serious, everyone is hurt. I'm suspicious that Craig Rivet may be playing with a wooden leg and Toni Lydman might actually be seriously concussed, but they can skate backwards, so they're still in. Just point Toni in the right direction and tell him to shoot and we'll be fine.

Danny Briere has "nerve entrapment" and will miss ANOTHER four weeks of the season. Poor Danny. I just tried to look up a little bit about nerve entrapment and it appears that obturator nerve entrapment is a cause of chronic groin pain in athletes and athletes with successful surgery often become symptom free after recovery. Apparently this is a fairly new development in the study of the causes of groin pain and groin injuries which could spell good things for players with chronic injuries. Oh Hasek, if only... if only...

Martin Gerber was put on waivers. That sound you hear is every hockey fan rolling their eyes as the Senators goaltending woes soldier on, this time with Alex Auld and newcomer Brian Elliot. The Senators sound more and more like the LA Kings with each passing day.

While working on our All-Star Roster post (almost finished, I SWEAR) I discovered something.

When did David Backes get so pretty?
Why have I never noticed how pretty David Backes is?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Break

by Anne

I'm not going to go on an official hiatus but something about blogging on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day seems weird, especially when there's no hockey going on. Therefore, until we meet again:

1. Please stop whining about the Crosby goal or not a goal or whatever. It's over, its been decided. Bitching about it further will not take away the goal and will not give the Sabres and Pens another chance to play out OT. Besides, the Pens were just shutout by the Lightning. Yick. Give them the win, they'll need it to keep them warm over Christmas. The NHL is not "out to get" the Buffalo Sabres. For like 2 years the NHL loved us, remember the lovefest that was 2006-2007? Danny Briere was going to cure cancer and Ryan Miller was the second coming, things change, but the NHL is not out to get the Sabres because Sidney Crosby scored a goal. If this had been Tyler Kennedy or Max Talbot, would we still be having this debate? No.

2. Christmas is Thursday!!!!!

3. Jeff Carter has taken the goal scoring lead. I can guarantee you Thomas Vanek does not care. I'm sure he cares that he hasn't been scoring, but I'm sure he doesn't care that he's #2.

4. The Bandits season starts on the 3rd!! Which, unfortunately is also when the International Bowl is. Fortunately they occur at different times of the day.

5. I've already gotten some sweeeet hockey related Christmas gifts, one of which I plan to dedicate an entire post to, post-Christmas day. Let's just say that I can't wait til May.

6. Merry Christmas everyone!

That Stunk

by Anne

I didn't watch the end of the game because I was exiting the Arena. I had a Christmas party to get to.

If the Sabres weren't going to help me get into the holiday spirit by winning, then my girlfriends and I were going to have to do it. Sitting around talking about stupid things ranging from boys (duh) to theatrical gore make-up (truth) is a pretty great way to spend and evening, if you ask me.

Oh btw, Sidney Crosby smiled at me tonight. Like, not as in he looked up in my general direction during the game, like, as in I walked by him as I came into the Arena tonight. As S(h)ara said, I think that means we're getting married. The NHL would have you believe his manliness is extra potent so I might already be pregnant with his lovechild. Whoops. Unfortunately it might've been my sparkling blue eyes and windburned rosy cheeks that gave him the extra spring in his step to score in OT. Errrrr, sorry guys! If he's an ass man then it was definitely my fault. My bad, hahaha. I'm very disappointed to report that he was just walking around being all normal. I was really hoping for some kind of wacky dance and chanting. These are the kind of encounters you have if you show up late for work.

Kudos to the random person who discovered my "error" in our all-star ballot. Antoine Vermette is not a defenseman. However, the Eastern defenseman pool was thin so we threw him in there, hoping no one would notice, hahahaha.

Pie was rightly credited with the first goal of the game and that made me happy. He's really got to pick up the pace, if you ask me. I've been a little disappointed with his goal production. It looks like he's turning into more of a Gaustad than a Stafford. That's ok, but I was hoping for another 19-20 goal season out of him. Granted, he could heat up in the 2nd half of the season as he did last year.

MacArthur seems to have found his touch again. He started the season strong (for a while he was our #2 goal scorer) and then cooled off. He gotten 3 goals in the last 3 games and 6 points in the last 4. Woo!

If anyone wants to pick up this book for me for Christmas, ya know, that'd be sweet. I saw it today when I was at Barnes and Noble and had to force myself not to buy it. It was a touch and go for a minute, but I walked away because that's what you should do around Christmas.

This would look so nice on my bookshelf.

My Christmas shopping is completed and my friend Tina got me some awesome Sabres related things for our Secret Santa because she's awesome like that.

I can't wait for Christmas!!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Penguins Tonight

by Anne

My default #2 team of Arctic birdies is rolling into town tonight. Fortunately/unfortunately they're sucking out loud lately, but teams like to right FailShips against Buffalo, so I'm not feeling great about this game. We're already at the last game we're going to play against the Pens this season and we're already 2-1 against them. I know, right? I couldn't believe it either. Next time we'd see them is in the playoffs which are a looooooong way away.

The Sabres have fallen into 9th place with 36 points, just 2 behind Pittsburgh with 38. A regulation win tonight is important in this early playoff picture. Maybe my Negative Nancy tendencies are spilling over from yesterday but I'm not optimistic. The Sabres tend to lose these "important" games. However, that all being said its way too early to be talking about playoffs. We just need to concentrate on winning every game no matter where the other team sits in the standings.

Have we all heard about this "Its Sidney's team." misquote controversy?

After the other night's embarrassing loss to the Maple Leafs, Penguins Coach Michel Therrien gave a grumpy press conference which he ended by saying "We'll see next game." Sensationalists who apparently have never heard anyone with a French Canadian accent speak were all a twitter because they thought he said "Its Sidney's team." He didn't, stop trying to create drama that isn't there. I suppose I can see how someone who is deaf in one ear who's never heard a French Canadian accent might misunderstand what he said but, really, its not what he said. I'm ashamed to admit that the Sabres are running with the Associated Press garbage that claims Therrien said that. He did not.

Its the last few seconds but the whole thing is only about 1:15 long. Its all awkward and grumpy:

It just feels like people are looking for drama that isn't there. Anyway, Sabres v. The Crosby Crows tonight at 7:00. See y'all later, I have to finish my Christmas shopping. Woooo!

Friday, November 14, 2008

I Appreciate This Very Much, NHL

by Anne

Whoever made the NHL schedule this year is clearly a secret admirer of mine, because between Sabres games this week I've gotten to watch 2 exciting Pens games with nail-biting finishes.

Last night the Pens started out 3-0 at home over the Flyers. Wooooo! Things are lookin' good. WOO! Then came the 2nd period.... Simon Gagne scored 2 shorthanded goals in 5 minutes. Uhhhhhhh... all of a sudden the score was 4-3 Flyers. Then, who came through in the waning moments of regulation??

Work the bar stool Sid, work it.

Sid scored his 2nd of the night, and tied it up with 2 1/2 minutes to go. The shootout went to the 6th round before Alex Goligoski scored the only goal and Pittsburgh won it 5-4. WOOOOO!!!

Good times were had by all.... except the Philadelphia Flyers... and Danny Briere who's suffering from a pulled groin :(

Around the NHL:

I wonder if anyone in Hockeytown USA was panicking when the Wings were losing 2-0 to the TAMPA BAY LIGHTNING. The Red Wings did come back to win it with three goals in the third, but, still, dropping the first 2 to Tampa Bay? Uhhhh, not good, Cap'n Lids, not good.

If Henrik Tallinder can score a goal and shake what his mama gave him, WHY CAN'T MATT GREENE? Nevermind the fact that Greener might be the only player in the NHL that averages more than 15:00 a game that scores less frequently than Tallinder. HOWEVER. I declare that Matthew Xavier Greene will score 2 goals this season. YES, YOU HEARD ME 2. TWO WHOLE GOALS FOR GREENER. WATCH. IT'LL HAPPEN. I like to set lofty goals for the players I enjoy.

Matt: Anne thinks I can score 2 goals!
Erik and Wayne: Ok, whatever, buddy, I heard she drinks heavily but WOOO! Anyway!

Oilers WCB, Captain Ethan Moreau scored a goal in a loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs, giving him 5 for the season thus far. Considering he only scored 6 goals over the last 2 seasons, things are looking up. Ok, ok, I should point out that between 06-07 and 07-08 he only actually played in 32 games because of injury but WHATEV. He's already more than doubled the number of games he played in 06-07.

Wild WCB Owen Nolan was activated off of IR and had several quality shots on goal in the Wild's 4-0 win over the Coyotes. Speaking of the Desert Pooches, they all managed to escape this one with even +/- because all 4 of Minnesota's goals were scored on the power play. Lucky break? Of course not, that just means they'll be doing nothing but PK drills tomorrow in what's sure to be a lengthy and terrible practice.

Speaking of the Coyotes, I know they're pretty bad and all, but they do have 2 things going for them:

1. I was going to post a picture of a recently discovered attractive player until I looked up how to spell his first name and realized that the only reason his name sounded familiar was because he was the Coyotes first round draft pick this year, thereby making him 18 years old. I'm a creeper... moving on.

2. They have the best and most ridiculous TV commercial sidekick ever: Pierre the Hockey Fanatic Snowman. A snowman with a black eye, missing teeth and a mullet... in Phoenix. Genius.

The Sharks jumped out to a huuuuge early lead on Calgary scoring 4 unanswered goals in the first period. Four Sharks had 2 points in the first alone and it only took about 1:00 into the 2nd to make it 5-0. The final tally was 6-1. Hey! At least they weren't shut out!

Ah yes, the Sabres:

I'm not sure why people keep talking about him, but apparently this "Tim Connolly" figure will be out of the line-up tonight against the Blue Jackets. Who? Tim? Never heard of him. Also apparently sitting this one out? Maxim "But guys! I just became an American citizen!" Afinogenov. Fine. By. Me. He makes me angry. Very very angry. His penchant for turning over the puck, flying into the zone only to scoop around the net and blowing a scoring chance, splitting defensemen and then losing control of the puck all while registering nary a shot on goal cause more than one Sabres fan to grab their heads in disgust and disbelief. He needs to park it for a game, remember a time when he was at least moderately consistent.

Looks like it'll be:

Kotalik up with Vanek and Royzie again (I didn't think that line did much except for TV the other night, but Lindy's giving it another go)
Grizz will center Pommer and Yo-yo (I like the looks of this one)
Mairsy centering with Staffy and Pie (Mairsy is good with the younger players, and 2 recent scratches will probably need a boost... although Paille did have a great night on Wednesday)
Petey Goose and Patty... (I'm not crazy about this line on most nights, but there are a few guys in Columbus that like to get rough, so they'll be ready for them)

I'm assuming the "always defensive minded" tandems will stay together as they've been pretty solid to date.

Totally unrelated to anything:

I cannot STAND people who are always like "I loved this person/player/movie/song/fashion trend BEFORE ANY ONE ELSE BECAUSE I AM A VASTLY SUPERIOR HUMAN BEING". Are we supposed to be impressed that you were totally jonesin' for the whole lace up ankle boot style back in 2006? Carrie Bradshaw has nothing on you.

Speaking completely in a double-standard kind of way, it particularly annoys me when girls do it. ESPECIALLY when girls are all "I don't have girlfriends, I'm TOTALLY UNIQUE I WEAR BOYS SHOES WITH SKINNY JEANS BECAUSE THEY MAKE ME LOOK CUTE." My response is usually "uhh, ok?" Screaming about how unique and original you are doesn't make it so. Just live your life and let your life speak for itself. If you are your own person, that should be apparent to everyone, you don't need to punch us all in the face about it.

This rant is honestly not aimed at anyone, its just a recurring theme I've been seeing in a few people I've met recently at school. And PS, having a tattoo does NOT make you a rebel or original. I have a tattoo. If I have a tattoo, it means that people who are not cool are doing it. Drinking Jones soda, hating Sarah Palin and reading Chuck Palahniuk does not make you inventive and trendsetting. No one cares that you loved Metro Station before "Shake It" came out. No one. I bet Metro Station doesn't even care.

Just stop.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Brett's a Jet

by Anne

I'm sure I am not the first or the last person to come up with a WITTY title like that one, but its true.

So Mr. Favre is now a New York Jet. Great, in our division. AWESOME. WE HAVE ENOUGH TROUBLE WITH THE PATRIOTS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

I can't handle how weird this makes me feel. I love Brett Favre, and I like the Green Bay Packers because of him. I'm not going to act like I followed the Packers extensively because that's just not true but they're always my NFC playoff team. If its going to be weird for ME to see Brett in a Jets uniform, I can't IMAGINE how weird and upsetting it'll be for Packers fans.

Stay strong Green Bay! It'll all be A-OK in the end! I bet Aaron Rodgers is even BETTER than Brett Favre! (maybe if we keep saying that we'll believe it)

Every news outlet was saying the following:

"Brett Favre will DEFINITELY going to Tampa Bay. It is all but GUARANTEED that Brett Favre will be the Bucs starting quarterback this season. WHEN WILL BRETT FAVRE GO TO TAMPA BAY?!?! Oh, but the Jets are interested too."

So I was like "Ha, I bet he goes to the Jets" because they were always an afterthought and HA he did.

Oh Brett, you kind of make me sad, but here's hoping this all turns out for the best in the end. (fingers crossed)

No hockey for today, there's nothing new to say about anything that I care about. Ryan Clowe signed an extension with San Jose, is this a good thing? Do people care? I'm so out of the loop now that the season is over that I don't know. Although this season I became much more familiar with the Western Conference, before this season I couldn't have named more than like 2 players on any Western Conference team. I'm doing a little better now. Not GREAT but I know a little bit more about the left coast.

Here's some more stuff about me, BRACE YOURSELVES FOR A WILD RIDE:

74. I have really sensitive skin I get razor burn if I think about shaving my legs too much. Schick Intuition: BEST RAZOR EVER. Good thing I'm not a boy, I'd have perma-5 o'clock shadow probably

73. It drives me insane when a song or artist isn't capitalized properly on my iTunes and I take extra care to go through every single song so it looks right... yet my room is a pigsty

72. I own about 3 articles of clothing with a print, I wear solid colors about 95% of the time

71. I have 2 Sabres phone numbers. One I got from work and one I literally accidentally found online. Once in a bar (I think I talked about this when it happened) a guy offered me Paul Gaustad's phone number, I declined, that's weird even for me

70. I don't care how perfect a man he is, if he's a lawyer, I won't go out with him

69. When I was about 12, my laundry room door broke, locking me in there for like 45 minutes until my dad could get the door off the hinges. My mom thought I was kidding around. When I initially turned the knob and the door wouldn't move, I thought my sister was leaning on it to keep me in there

68. Three days in a row this week I've tried to see Wall-e and all three times the plans fell through. First my sister decided she didn't feel like going, the next night her rehearsal dragged on and then my BFF broke up with his boyfriend, so I've decided there are cosmic forces keeping me from seeing Wall-e and I shouldn't interfere

67. In eighth grade I won the school spelling bee. My winning word was "ludicrous"

66. Currently my favorite song is "Monkey Man" by Amy Winehouse

65. My upper arms are incredibly sensitive, like pushing on them as hard as you would to dial a phone hurts a lot and they bruise incredibly easily

64. I have nothing but high hopes for Britney Spears

63. I get really really disturbed and upset by gory or violent movies. I can't stand watching someone be killed or tortured on film. I can disassociate myself from a movie if the acting is terrible, but special effects are so realistic these days that I even if I don't believe anything about a movie, I get as grossed out by blood and guts as if it were real. Yet I enjoy watching Adam Mair beat someone's face in

62. My least favorite word is "creamy" especially when spoken by someone who chooses to make their hard "c" sounds in the back of their throat and its all phlegmy and wet sounding. YUCK

61. I just splurged and ate like 5 brownies and now I feel kind of sick

60. My favorite Disney movie of all time is the Sword in the Stone

59. I've read at least 4 books about Queen Elizabeth I. She fascinates me. I got a little emotional when I visited her grave site when I was 15, yes I am a huge loser

58. Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire is like the sexiest thing I've ever seen on film. I don't enjoy violent abusive men, but he's completely sexy in that movie

57. When I was a teenager I couldn't understand why women appreciated a nice behind on a guy. Then in college I started to hang around extremely straight men who danced and wore very tight dance pants and I saw the light. Pictures like this that I stole from Katie completely distract me:

One of Poz's many good sides

56. .........Wait, what were we talking about? Oh right, things about yours truly. Whenever I go out, its extremely likely that if a man is going to hit on me, he's probably going to be black or latino, its the booty

55. Speaking of which, on Cinco de Mayo, a latino soldier named Anthony offered to fly me to Staten Island to "visit" him. He described a few things we'd do on this "visit" in great detail. I took his number but deleted it the next morning because he was leaving Buffalo anyway. PHEW

54. Throughout my 4 years of college I shared a living space (rooms and apartments) with 11 different people most of them were from Buffalo but one was from Las Vegas and one was from Nigeria

53. As is typical of most females, I have 2 boys names and 2 girls names selected for my future spawn, I hope I don't have more than 2 of either, then I'm screwed

52. I have no problem killing bugs or dealing with spiders, but when my fish died in like October my sister and I freaked out because we had to pick him up off the floor of her room (my cat knocked over the bowl which was in MK's room) we were 24 and 22 at the time but we were running around the apartment squealing, shuddering, and making deals with God and with each other about what we'd do if the other one would just pick up the damn fish. We even called our Dad to try to get him to come over to our apartment and pick it up. In the end, I had to pick it up with my kitty litter scooper and in return I got dinner and a tank of gas

51. I hate washing the dishes so much I will do basically anything to avoid it. I would rather scrub a toilet with a toothbrush than wash the dishes. I have no idea why, I just really really really hate doing the dishes. Almost any other chore is fine with me, but washing the dishes really annoys me

I'm sure you're all reeling from writing down all these important tidbits about me. None of which are appropriate for Christmas presents, but I'm sure you'll use your intuition and come up with something for me.

For some reason, there is an ad for a telenovela on Telemundo on the top of the Sabres website. What an excellent way to start the day.

Oh yes, and:


Number 87 can legally drink alcohol in his adopted city of Pittsburgh now. Hooray! Yay!! Perhaps there is some residual playoff love left for Mr. Crosby after all...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I've Changed my Mind

by Anne

Two things.

1. I love James Duthie, he makes everything better. Just watch a TSN broadcast after a loss, and he'll make you feel better, I swear. He makes trade deadline day fun. He knows that its a big deal, but he manages to make you laugh while trying not to hyperventilate over the status of your favorite players.

2. I'm now afraid of Sidney Crosby. Like, genuinely afraid of him. No joke, he freaks me out. Playoff crush OVER.

Here's why.

If I were to ever meet him on the street, I'd be scared to talk to him for fear of unsettling his mojo or throwing off his chi or some other such nonsense.

Speaking from a girl's perspective, um, is he like this at home, because GODSPEED in finding a woman that will put up with tiptoeing around your FOOLISHNESS. Lord knows I wouldn't. Good GOD. I don't care how many Cups you win in your career, I'd never tolerate some of those types of shenanigans at home.

"No, Sidney, if the soup spoons touch the teaspoons, that doesn't mean that Flower will break his finger."

"No, Sidney, Darryl Sydor cannot sleep in between us tonight, I don't care how much of a hot streak he's on. Now, if Ryan Malone were to be on a hot streak, we'd be having a different conversation."

Like, I'm assuming he doesn't impose his superstitions on other people. I'm assuming that his girlfriend doesn't have to call up Pascal Dupuis and Maxime Talbot to get them to eat lunch with them before a game. What'd he do before Dupuis? I'm assuming he just got into that habit recently. And, to be honest, if I were one of those 2 guys I'd think it was pretty cool that Sid the Kid relied on me for his mental well being.

That being said, I'm still afraid of him.

Thanks to Amy for the link.

I've been avoiding The Pensblog all day. :(

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ryan Whitney's Playoff Beard is Crying

by Anne

It's chestnut, it's auburn, it's red, its blonde. Ryan Whitney's playoff beard has the makings of one of the greats. This is the first time we've gotten to see it go the distance. I'd like to see it come back again. However, not at the expense of the Sabres. Never. Although... if he became a Sabre....

Whatev. They gave it a good go. It's not over yet... buuuuuut.....yyyyeeeahhh.....

Onto my new love: totally obscure baseball teams whose successes and failures have no bearing on my well-being.

Tampa Bay won 2-0 today. Woo. Suck on THAT, White Sox.

Scott Kazmir set a club record with his 5th win in the month of May. His ERA is now 1.22 which was described in one article as "astonishing".

Here's what I've learned: I know "wins" are "good" and a record number of "wins" means you play "well" so, since his ERA of 1.22 was mentioned in the same breath as "record" and "wins" and not as in "in spite of his 1.22 ERA", this leads me to believe a low ERA is "good" and that 1.22 is "low". I'm a genius. They have one pitcher with a 6.14 ERA, I'm guessing that's "bad".

They are STILL atop the AL East, 1 game ahead of Boston and now 6 games ahead of the Yankees who've moved from 5th to 4th.

I found a site that explains baseball abbreviations. For example "SO" does not mean "Shut Out" it means "STRIKE out" and "TP" means "Triple Plays" not "Toilet Paper". Look out, baseball world! Soon I will have a vague pedestrian understanding of the way you list your statistics! Then I shall be unstoppable!!! Muahahahahhahah!!!

First Stephanie from Top Chef, now the Rays. Looks like things I choose to throw my support behind for no good reason tend to excel. I should move away from Buffalo and pretend I've never heard of hockey, and start supporting the Sabres, maybe that'll help.

Back to hockey, briefly:

I realized last night that I'm secretly glad that the Penguins are losing.

Ok, ok, hear me out, PensNation.

For me, their downward slide is more annoying than catastrophically painful. It doesn't carry the same gut-wrenching agony that a Sabres loss provides. Therefore, it merely serves as a somewhat unpleasant reminder of where my heart truly belongs.

So, Sidney, while I'm sorry you more than likely will not be hoisting that Cup later this week, I'm not sorry that you've help to set me back on track earlier rather than later. Sorry, Sid! You'll get there someday, I'm sure of it. Love ya!

Thursday, May 29, 2008


by Anne

Detroit v. Pittsburgh, Pens win 3-2, Detroit leads series 2-1.

THANK THE LORD!!!! They FINALLY played the kind of game we were expecting from this series! Is it just being at home? I don't know, but I'd really like this kind of play to continue through the next game and the one after that. Tie this thing at 2 games apiece heading back to the Joe and we've got a real series.

Do it for Ryan Whitney's POB

SID THE FREAKIN' KID! 2 goals!!!!! Adam Hall?!?!?! Just after I declared that you were more expendable than Army, I suppose you decided to prove me wrong. I am OK with that!

Ryan Malone has some strange total hold over me: his face is totally mashed up with bruises and cuts and an unruly red beard, yet in his post game interview, I was all a-swoonin' and making a first aid kid to drive down to Pittsburgh with and tend to his every wound and ache and pain and.... well, you get the idea. ANNIE'S COMIN, RY-RY!

I would like to say thank you to someone I have been heavily criticizing in their coverage of the NHL this season. I've been pretty unforgiving with each mistake and each misspeak. Your every gaffe has been fully exploited for my own amusement. But, I must change my tune, albeit temporarily. No, for the love of god, it's NOT Pierre McGuire, I might not even thank him if he performed lifesaving CPR on my cat. No, I'd like to thank NBC. Thank you, NBC. Thank you for proving to the world that Sidney Crosby does NOT like the media and doing all the interviews. He does it 'cuz he has to, but he doesn't like doing it. I KNEW IT. That's actually what's pushed me over the edge towards (sigh) admitting that I have a huge playoff crush on Sidney Crosby. Whatev.

Thank you also for giving me a 2nd intermission interview with Ovie!! I missed his wacky gap-toothed ways. I feel as though its been about 6 months since I last saw his shining face. Ah, Oviekins. Now, interview Jason Pominville for no good reason, and we'll totes be BFFL, NBC.

Private to Sidney Crosby:

Ok, I'm reluctantly falling more and more in love with you with each shift and shot on goal. At least for now. Next season it'll be over.

I like seeing this:

And this:

Please keep up this pace.


Private to Spike from Top Chef:

Sorry you're not going to Puerto Rico. Come to Buffalo, we can make out. A lot. It'll be great.


Private to Stephanie from Top Chef:

I'm not exaggerating when I say you were my favorite from the moment I saw you. No joke. And you totes lived up to my totally baseless choice. Gotta go with the gut instinct. After that episode I really want steak.


Private to The Pensblog:

Thank you and whoever took it, for this picture:


Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

by Anne

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

I have nothing to say about hockey, the Sabres or anything like that.

Enjoy the day, it's a little overcast in Buffalo. Yesterday was gorgeous, too bad it couldn't have been like that today. Oh well!

Game 2 is tonight. 8 p.m. at the Joe.

I don't think the Pens need my encouragement, I don't think they've given up at all. It ain't over til that cup is hoisted.

I think the reason I won't be upset if the Pens don't win this is because I think they'll just be back here again next year. They don't feel like a fluke team like so many are these days. They feel like a dynasty team like (I'm sorry) the Oilers in the 80s with Gretzky or the Islanders in the 70s and 80s with Potvin. If they don't win this thing this year, I feel pretty confident they'll get another crack at it next year or the year after.

I've been watching a lot of Sid vids to get myself to love him. It seems to be working just fine and then I watch an interview with him now and that hair and the lips with the mustache, it's just all so wrong in so many, many ways.

Private to Sidney Crosby:

Ok, so I realized something that would either make me loving you amazing or just cruel. If we ever had children, they'd have the biggest white people booties known to man kind. Here, photographic evidence:

Video footage of Sidney's booty:

Our children's booties and overall lower body musculature would be EPIC. Should we make this happen? Win this thing and then we'll talk



Sunday, May 25, 2008


by Anne

Red Wings 4 - Penguins 0, Detroit leads series 1-0.


So after 2 periods of some pretty excellent defensive play, we were finally treated to that offensive bonanza we had been promised for so many days. However, the only team "bonanza-ing" was the Detroit Red Wings. The Pens just seemed stunned. Grrrrrrreeeaaaaat. Getting shut out is not cool. Not cool at all. We're gonna chalk it up to nerves and an unfamiliar building and call it a day. A very frustrating, painful, irritating day.

But! We don't give up! We soldier on! Monday night they have a chance to redeem themselves. I don't care how many stats they pull out about the winning of the first game stats. They aren't out of this thing yet. Not by a longshot. As The Pensblog pointed out, if you picked the Pens to win in more than 4 games, they're gonna have to lose a couple along the way. It's ok. Don't worry.

Private to Marc-Andre Fleury:

Flower, you're still ok in my book. People will mock you for face planting whilst entering the ice for the game, I personally appreciated the humor of the moment. I was probably the only one that wasn't a Red Wings fan who enjoyed it.

Please try to stay on your feet more often, and keep your mask on.


Private to Sidney Crosby:

Your long curly locks, creepy facial hair and awkwardly tan Miami Vice-style suit should have repulsed me. However, for some reason, they endeared you to me. I still don't love you, but the fact that I can overlook your obvious poor grooming choices at the age of 20, means we're on the road towards real HockeyLove. Now, if you could please score some of those goals you're so DREADFULLY fond of, I'd appreciate it. Hey, I'm not picky, you can set up Hossa or Dupuis. You can even set up Gonch or Bugsy or Geno on the PP if you want to get fancy. My love has put the Tampa Bay Rays at the top of their division, I think it can do the same for you.

Did Steve Yzerman make you nervous? Was it Unkie Mario? It's ok, Sid. You'll pull it together. Let's be honest, if anyone can, you can.


Private to the Tampa Bay Rays:

I picked you as my baseball team over Easter weekend when it was made apparent that there was no hockey played over the summer; a fact I forget every April. I picked you because I liked your logo and, as MK put it "This team sounds like a bunch of dirty crooks." Multiple bench clearing brawls? Domestic battery charges? This sounds like my kind of team. That, and they suck.

You're only 1/2 game behind Boston for the AL East lead. The same division that now sees the monster Yankees in 5th.

I'm taking all credit for your successes. My love can move mountains. All I really wanted was your first winning season it team history, and you've taken my request and just run with it. Thanks. That's very sweet of you. I still can't name a single one of your players. I'll work on that. Maybe Vinny and I can go to one of your games and laugh about how if a team as bad as the Rays can turn it around, surely the Lightning can do the same next season. We'll share a soft pretzel and start the wave. It'll be sublime.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


by Anne

Ok so the last few days have been a real taste of what this offseason is going to be like.

To be totally honest, I have absolutely nothing hockey or Sabres related to talk about.

The only thing that comes close is that I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday and found that book that woman wrote about Sid the Kid's first season "Now with highlights from his MVP Sophomore season!" Which is once again out of date. I opted not to buy it. Why? Because I watched both of those seasons, I've seen him interviewed a billion times. That book might make me love Sid, and I'm just not prepared to do that. I'm content with admiring him and holding him at arms length. It works for our tumultuous relationship. I mean, how can I really love someone who abandons me mid-season with a high ankle sprain and then has people wondering if the Pens are better without him? Of course, the conclusion was that, of course they're not better, he's Sidney Crosby. But that taunting mistress, his right ankle decided to test Pittsburgh, nay, all of hockey fandom with that taudry sprain. They were running amok in the Pittsburgh Penguins dressing room this season. Phooey I say, phooey.

Go Pens. Woo. Hoo.

Even Oscar is not amused by this lack of hockey:

He hasn't been able to do any of his celebratory dances. He has one for when the Sabres win and one for when Thomas "SabreBritney" Vanek scores, it is the kitty version of the dance I do. Like mother, like son. Seeing as Danny Pie-YAY is his favorite, next season we will develop a Danny Pie-YAY dance.






STOP SID! STOP!!! Don't do this to me!!!

This doesn't mean I love him, but it's closer.


Go Pens Go!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


by Anne

So the finals have been set:

Scandanavia Red Wings v. Pittsburgh McSexyTimes

Awesome. There is little doubt as to which team Sabretooth's House is throwing its full support behind:

Hey there baby, is it me?

Uhhhh, no, Sid, it's not...well, I mean, yes, it is your team, I mean you are captain, but, uhhh. Boy, this is kind of awkward...ummm, anyway:

Ahhh, THAT's more like it

Old Skool...aka last season

Woooooooooooo!!!! Wow, I have like nothing else to talk about.

No more World Championships, it's all about the Cup Finals and whatever random Sabres crap I can come up with.

Now we wait for the Finals to start!!!!


In Sabres news, I saw Petey at Wegman's yesterday. I've met and talked to Andrew Peters a few times before so it wasn't as exciting as it could've been. But whatevs. He buzzed all of his hair off. If I was a dude I would probably do the same, much less maintenance and prep time in the morning. However, I like my Peteys with more hair on their heads. Alas. Petey was lovin' up prepared foods as most Sabres do, it seems.

Everyone's been talking about the evolution of their tastes as a Sabres fan by discussing their past favorite Sabres. I can honestly say I can't gauge my fandom by favorite players, only in the last maybe 3 seasons have I been hardcore about it. I'd say my first favorite Sabre was Stu Barnes after Peca was a d-bag in 2001. Then, I had kind of a lull in my hockey fandom, and because the Sabres were sucking out loud. Then they traded away STUUUUuuuuUUUUU. Then, one day in the 03-04 season, that swarthy Mr. Jay McKee caught my eye, albeit not in a crazy "capture my heart" kind of way. It was quite a departure, loving a defenseman, and still is considering my usual favorite player is the nice guy who scores goals and doesn't get into fights very often (Pommer, Pie-YAY!, Big Bear, Yoyo). With the notable exception of Sissy Spacek. And, let's be honest, it's for Goose's charity work and over -all bangability that I love him, not his mad skillz as a hockey player.

So after Mr. McKee, I didn't really have a favorite in the 06-07 season until one Mr. Drew Stafford poked his little way into my heart. But that was a short-lived, immature little fling and he has now been replaced in equal part by Pominville and Paille with Sissy, Big Bear and Yo-yo falling in closely behind.

What's that? You want a picture retrospective? Okay!

Cap'n Stu skates his way to victory... actually the Sabres didn't do a lot of that in his tenture as Captain

JKee!! Lookin' all tough and Sabre-y.
Look at BabySoupy behind him, tee hee hee

Really? Her? How many margaritas did I have?

Ahhhh, that's better
Pommer's #2 goal at the moment: get the puck, #1: get away before Avery gets up. Dang! Why do our names have to be on the backs of our sweaters?!


So those are my favorites in a nutshell. I know, I quite obviously left off Pat Lafontaine, but his rank as all time favorite need not be spoken of. He wasn't a casual fling as most of these gents have been. We're in it for the long haul, Pat and I.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Wow, Aww, and WOOOOO!!

by Anne

First things first:


I was driving to Cleveland during the Dallas/Detroit game and, wowzas, well done, Dallas Stars. Winning AGAIN, AND limiting Detroit to one goal, yet again. Who'd a thunk it? Detroit is looking less scary monster like in these playoffs than anticipated. They lost 2 to Nashville who everyone assumed they would pulverize, then they SWEPT Colorado whom everyone thought would give them a run for their money, and then the tired, weary Dallas Stars were supposed to be easy for them to take and they've given up 2 games in a row. Wow. Well done Dallas Stars and Marty Turco. I still don't think you're going to pull off the "once every 33 years" schtick, but it'll be nice to see you try, and I'm sure your fans appreciate it.


Awwwwwww, Canada and Russia met in the IIHF World Championships Gold Medal game yesterday. Russia won Gold in a 5-4 OT finish. Probably a really exciting game, couldn't watch it. :(

Roysie shoots the puck

So Canada takes home silver. But in other news, they moved to the top of the IIHF standings, and the U.S. moved from 7th to 6th, so that's pretty sweet. Yay!! Well done, boys! Now, Roysie, come home to Buffalo and your wacky boat.

And finally:









So amazing, so great, so awesome!!!


Since I'm tired and don't feel like writing anymore:

Now, for a selection from the 435356 pictures available on the Pens website:

The Latest Addition to the List of Non-Sabres vying for my Heart.
Gronk scored a goal!! Yay!!!

So did my current Atlantic Division Boyfriend!! Twice!

Nothin' but LOVE :)

Ahhhhhhh. Ry-Ry :) Swoon.

Since my blog appears to be a hotbed for shirtless photo searches, I felt the need to throw this on there. Evgeni Malkin shirtless. Woo. Not my personal cup o' tea, but clearly, someone out there is on the lookout. But of all the Pens to see shirtless... Geno? Eh, whatevs.

Awwww. I'm not sure what to caption this picture, but the look on Sid's face makes me giggle, and the angle makes Mario look like 3 feet taller, and, p.s., look at those arms. Woooooo!

Maxime Talbot hugs the REAL heart and soul of ANY team: the mascot.
Talbot knows what's up.

Private to Marty Biron:

Sorry, Marty. Love ya!! :(


Private to Danny Briere:

Maybe next season you'll make it past the Eastern Conference Finals. Third time wasn't a charm. Maybe if it had been the Sabres... whatevs.


Private to Jordan Staal:

WOOO! Keep it up! You're totally worming your sneaky sod-loving and/or hating way into the part of my heart not reserved for the Buffalo Sabres. WOOHOOO!!!!!!


Disclaimer, yo.

Almost all pictures are borrowed from other sources. If they're yours and you don't want me to use them, just shoot me an email and I'll take them down.

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Glossary... Sort of

  • "Ryan Miller Shutout" - A 58 minute, multi-goal shutout lead that is blown when Miller allows one meaningless goal
  • Britney or SabreBritney - Thomas Vanek
  • Butter Snaps - Carolina Hurricanes. Because Butter Snap pretzels, like the Carolina Hurricanes, are disgusting
  • Greener - MATT Greene (LAK)
  • JBG - Jolly Blonde Giant - Tyler Myers
  • Little Foot - Drew Stafford
  • MK - Anne's sister; often leaves nonsensical comments under her Twitter name Mmmkizzle
  • Oscar - Anne's cat

Because it's never not funny

Completely adorable