Monday, December 22, 2008

Penguins Tonight

by Anne

My default #2 team of Arctic birdies is rolling into town tonight. Fortunately/unfortunately they're sucking out loud lately, but teams like to right FailShips against Buffalo, so I'm not feeling great about this game. We're already at the last game we're going to play against the Pens this season and we're already 2-1 against them. I know, right? I couldn't believe it either. Next time we'd see them is in the playoffs which are a looooooong way away.

The Sabres have fallen into 9th place with 36 points, just 2 behind Pittsburgh with 38. A regulation win tonight is important in this early playoff picture. Maybe my Negative Nancy tendencies are spilling over from yesterday but I'm not optimistic. The Sabres tend to lose these "important" games. However, that all being said its way too early to be talking about playoffs. We just need to concentrate on winning every game no matter where the other team sits in the standings.

Have we all heard about this "Its Sidney's team." misquote controversy?

After the other night's embarrassing loss to the Maple Leafs, Penguins Coach Michel Therrien gave a grumpy press conference which he ended by saying "We'll see next game." Sensationalists who apparently have never heard anyone with a French Canadian accent speak were all a twitter because they thought he said "Its Sidney's team." He didn't, stop trying to create drama that isn't there. I suppose I can see how someone who is deaf in one ear who's never heard a French Canadian accent might misunderstand what he said but, really, its not what he said. I'm ashamed to admit that the Sabres are running with the Associated Press garbage that claims Therrien said that. He did not.

Its the last few seconds but the whole thing is only about 1:15 long. Its all awkward and grumpy:

It just feels like people are looking for drama that isn't there. Anyway, Sabres v. The Crosby Crows tonight at 7:00. See y'all later, I have to finish my Christmas shopping. Woooo!

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  1. The AP has their heads up their A**es. they just like to stir controversey


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