Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cabin Fever

by Anne

I had a whole post written about angry things because being cooped up inside all day with an annoying cat makes me a little cranky. However, I have opted not to force you to endure my rants about why I hate Chuck Palahahahhaaniuk.

-I'm bored so I'm thinking about dying my hair really dark brown again. Yes, Anne, because it looked so good the other 6 times. I've decided to start living by the rule that if I don't have to dye my hair, I won't. Its cheaper and natural is (almost) always better.

- Also, I was considering donating my hair to locks of love again, but then I remembered that my hair looked like this for about 8 months and I reconsidered:

It may work on Posh, but not on this girl.

- When I have nothing to do, I tend to call people and IM people more often. However, I realize that this can be annoying after a while so this break I'm making a conscious effort not to excessively bother people

-I also think about road trips but unlike most of my college days, most of my friends have these things called "jobs" and most of my friends are not enjoying these lazy days of winter break.

- My sister had a concert today that we did not go to. Well, she didn't go either. I'm not sure if the concert happened or not but she's sick so she wouldn't have been singing anyway.

-The Bills actually won. I was the Negative Nancy around the house today, predicting with each of the Bills' scores what would happen next to negate it all. I was basically right until the end. I declared the Broncos get the TD and 2 point conversion and then Lindell would miss a field goal. Peg predicted an interception. The big winner here? JP Losman. Ahahhahahaha

-I know the win was meaningless in the playoff picture but it is nice to play the spoilers for once. even if Dick Jauron claims that wasn't on their minds. Really, I have nothing against the Broncos, I used to love John Elway, but it's fun to be at least some part of changing team's fates.

-Great games for Trent and Fred Jackson. There's definitely a lot more confidence in their games these days. Hopefully that will continue next week and build into the off-season.

-Reggie Corner's play at the end of the 4th to breakup Cutler's TD pass to Stokley was awesome.

-They played the kind of second half we were used to seeing out of them. Its really too bad they couldn't have dug deep for that kind of 2nd half a few more times this season.

-If Steve Johnson continues to improve as he has in these last few games, we'll have some nice depth and a few more options next season.

- Its unfortunate that some of these pieces seem to be coming together a few games too late.

-Marshawn hurt his shoulder. I care but not that much because 1. We won anyway 2. He basically has until August for it to heal up and 3. He was cheering and carrying on on the sidelines quite a bit so it doesn't appear to be too serious.

- My dogs adamantly refuse to go outside if its like 70 degrees and there's a slight drizzle. However, 16 degrees and 2 feet of snow? GAME ON.

- I hope the weather is clear tomorrow. I have some more stuff I need to pick up including a book for myself that no one will be getting me for Christmas because I didn't ask for it. I read Sex Drugs and Cocoa Puffs this summer and I've put off picking up another Klosterman book during the semester but on my list of things to read is another of his books. I'm leaning towards Killing Yourself to Live. Thoughts?

- The Pirates have put together 2 wins in the last few days, righting the ship that had started to steer off course ever since we ruined everything first by calling up Mancari and then Gerbe. Whoops. Sorry, Portland!

-Ok. Dinnertime. Then wrapping Christmas presents! Our tree is up and needs some stuff for underneath it. Yay!

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  1. I got mine cut like Maxie on General Hospital. I thought about officially going blonde, I usually just hi-light the sh!t out of it. Haha! I was thinking about the Jenny McCarthy cut but it doesn't really work all that well with my hair. Stupid hair.


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