Saturday, December 20, 2008

I'm Pretty Sure Wii Bowling Has An Age Bias

by Anne

In case you all missed the supremely awesome blog written by my cousin James (aka Jimmy, he goes back and forth), you can read it here. I may print it and frame it. He already told me he wants to post another one and he loves the comments he got so far. He plans on telling everyone how good he is at Wii Bowling. Seriously, this kid literally had his back to the game and got a strike. He's left handed but his Mii was right handed and he beat me every time. Baloney, I say. Spending time with him always reminds me of 2 things: how I can't wait to have a son some day and 2. how glad I am I don't have kids right now. I can fill him up on pop and Christmas cookies and then hand him back over to his mother all wound up and giggling like a loon and saying things about how he's going to go to Montreal and beat up the Canadiens for beating us.

Being a teacher, I was so proud when the Sabres were on the power play he goes "Keep it in the zone!" Ah yes, he's learning so much.

Anyway, was anyone else confused as to why Kovalev was wearing the 'C' tonight? Koivu is hurt, yes, but just because he's hurt does that mean he loses his captaincy temporarily? Craigory is out, but we don't have anyone else wearing the 'C'.

There was some pretty insane offensive pressure at times by the Sabres tonight. Unfortunately Halak was up for the challenge most of the night. Stupid talented young back-up goaltenders and their learning how to control rebounds. I watched Halak in the playoffs last year and he was giving up rebounds like they were sesame chicken and he was standing outside the Panda Express in the mall food court.

Miller made 42 saves and he lost. Sigh. 82 saves on 86 shots over 2 games is good but could we not give up that many shots maybe, boys?

Nice to see Butler get his 2nd point in as many games. He only had 10:38 in ice time tonight, but he finished with a point and +1, but no special teams time.

I really just want to sit down with Derek Roy and company and tell them not to get sticks in shooting lanes. If you're going to block the shot, do it with your body.

That Petey/ Laraque "fight" was completely lame and ineffective. Petey had a grand total of 1:17 minutes of ice time. Wow.

Oh, Georges.

It was a hard fought game and we shouldn't feel too bad about the loss. We got a point out of it but with the standings being so close, one point is all it takes for a team to move up or down these days.

Greener got his 6th assist for 7 points this season (1+6). Oh wait but then they took it away from him. Fear not, my strongly worded letter of protest is making its way to the NHL's official scorer as we speak.

Can we take a moment to discuss that Dmitri Kalinin seems to be doing even worse in New York than he was here? He has 6 points (0+6) and he's a team-worst -16. Remember 2006-2007 when he had 30 points and was like +19? Those were better days for 'Tri.

I did CRAZY Christmas shopping today. Yes, I am insane. Its a yearly tradition for me and my friend Adam to do all of his and most of my Christmas shopping the Saturday before Christmas. Well, this year I cheated and only had 1 person left to shop for today. It was so hot in the mall I couldn't believe it. Then I decided to drink coffee while wearing a sweater and a wool coat. I really planned ahead.

Adam and I kept things entertaining while stuck in traffic by rocking out to a bunch of songs on his phone. We were car dancing like there's no tomorrow. We definitely made a few people laugh with our slick moves. Every few minutes one of us would just yell "CHRISTMAAAAAS!" Its just so funny how mad people get in the name of finding Christmas presents. We had several plans worked out in which we would just abandon my car, take the insurance cards and license plates and just torch it. We figure homeless people could warm themselves by the blaze.

So my shopping is basically finished. Woooooo!!! Now all that's left is wrapping which is really the best part. Does anyone need their Christmas presents wrapped? I love wrapping Christmas presents.


  1. They showed Lindy after the Peters/Laraque fight, and he had this look on his face saying that was his plan all along. It's like he wants to laugh at the embarrassing fighting tactics of Petey.

  2. I watched Halak in the playoffs last year and he was giving up rebounds like they were sesame chicken and he was standing outside the Panda Express in the mall food court.


    This may be the funniest analogy I've read in a long time, and most of that is because it is so accurate!


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