Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Night of Win (Mostly)

by Anne

Wooo the Sabres are the best team everrr!

Just, please, please PLEASE, no one inform them that they're playing well. They play so much better when no one's talking about them.

The Sabres beat the New Jersey Devils 4-1! Tim Kennedy scored his very first NHL goal :) It was of the game-winning variety as well. Yay Tim!

 Fighting to keep that roster spot!
(In a frightening note: Tim Kennedy's goals: 1; Derek Roy: 0)

Pommer upped the population to three, Grizz took hold of the team goal scoring lead with his fifth, and Goose flapped home his 2nd. Huzzah!

Ryan Miller continues to be totally badass. It's an amazing feeling to know that your team is totally secure between the pipes as long as your #1 netminder remains healthy. The back-up situation is still not so great, but it's hard to get a good back-up when your starter is going to play so many games. That's why Marty went to the Island. He considered Buffalo but ultimately he chose to go where he would get more playing time. Now, what happens when Rick DiPietro comes back (if he ever does) remains to be seen. Watching other teams go through their cycles of goaltenders, never finding one that's really all that great, makes me feel so lucky that the Sabres have an elite goaltender who plays every night with conviction and calm. It's pretty darn awesome.

Does it make anyone else nervous that his eyes are frequently closed in photos like this?
Open your eyes, Ryan!
Or, wait, don't.
Just do whatever it is you do, you do it well, sir.

The only Sabre I'm unhappy with at the moment (other than Patrick Lalime - sorry Patty),  is Derek Roy. Whenever you feel like scoring, Roysie, the rest of us will be right here, waiting to cheer for you. Thanks.


The Pens demolished the Habs 6-1. Sid scored a hat trick, and Chris Kunitz finally found the back of the net. Huzzah!

Sid looks like he and Kunitz are at a bar, just chillin',
not being rained upon by baseball caps.

Sid: Yeah, Chris, you know how it is, scorin' goals and whatnot.
Chris: Yeah Sid, no, no I don't.

But he did later!
Congrats, Sid!

Mouthguards work better to protect your teeth when they are actually in your mouth
I've never been able to understand this mouthguard thing so many players do
What an odd habit.
It's quite remarkable watching them move those things around without their hands, though.
I'm going to swallow all the "that's what she said" comments that I'm thinking if I continue in this line of thought.

Yay, Pens!

Kings lost 2-1 in the shootout to the Sharks. I fell asleep during the 3rd. Sad times.

But! They still earned a point in the loss and haven't lost in regulation in five games. Alexander Frolov continues to respond well to this benching a few games ago. He had a goal tonight and has seven points (3+4) in his last four games. Oh well, they have to lose sometime, I suppose.

Lovely jeté, Brownie
Maybe work on the landing.

Tonight the Kings play the Canucks. I'm not sure how to feel. Puck drops at 10:30 at the Staples Center :/

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  1. You have an unfishined parentheses in this post. It bothers me.


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