Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pens Advance; David Backes and some Puppies; Matt Greene's Manhood is Not Threatened by a Sparkly Tiara

by Anne

Cari, Kim, Clare and I got together to watch the Pens take on the Caps in the most highly anticipated game 7 in recent memory. Unnnnfortunately for Caps fans, Sidney Crosby decided to be all "Oh yeah? You can have the Hart, I'll take the Conference Finals." His breakaway goal was pretty beautiful, I cannot tell a lie. I've always gone back and forth between Ovie and Sid but my gut reaction to that was "YAY SID!" So, I think its safe to say that, at least for now, I'm more on team Sid. However, I still think AO is the bomb-diggity.

Also, David Backes has snatched the title of Anne's favorite St. Louis "Blue"(?) from Patrik Berglund's hand and is not giving it back. Just read this article about David and his wife and how they delivered a litter of puppies after saving their sickly mother off of the streets. What NOW, Paul Gaustad? David Backes sees your tree saving and "Blue and Gold Make Green" and raises you representing his nation AND saving puppies with his smart, pretty, edumacated, compassionate wife. I mean, unless you married ME, I don't see how you can top this... Ok I'm lying, Goose, you saw right through me, I still adore you more. But, he and his wife rescued a dog that would've surely died while she was pregnant with TWELVE puppies. That's pretty intense. I love puppies and rescued animals, so that went straight to the heart.


Butter Snaps fan, FrankH, has taken issue with my pimped out picture of Greener, claiming I have emasculated him with my blingee'd tiara. Therefore, for your reading enjoyment, the evidence supporting my claim that Matt Greene's masculinity is not jeopardized by the sparkles with which I adorned his likeness.

Exhibit A and Exhibit B

Matt Greene is a man's man and according to the t-shirt he's wearing, he supported Barack Obama which is pretty sweet and I won't pretend that I don't think that's pretty badass. I love hockey players regardless of their political leanings (Adam Burish voted McCain and I still love him in spite of his freakish resemblance to my sister's ex boyfriend), but it doesn't hurt when our views align.

I'm THIS close to the semester being over. One more written exam today a portfolio and review today and two papers tomorrow. Hooray!


  1. Whoa there Anne.....

    I stated that the picture of Matt Greene in the tiara and pixie lights is like dressing your Mastiff in a pink tutu and putting cute bunny ears on them. Neither Matt Greene nor your dog can doing anything about it.

    But like I also stated, since you know I'm a "Butter Snaps" fan, what do I know?


    Go 'CANES.

    PS: The local Sabre fan down here has gone to the home games and gasp, cheered for the 'Canes! It seems he is even less of a fan of the Bs and he wants to see more hockey in person.

  2. I guess The Goose has some serious home grown nature loving tree hugging puppy kissing tree climbing to save a kitty to do!

    Now get on it Pauly! Smooches.

  3. I guess The Goose has some serious home grown nature loving tree hugging puppy kissing tree climbing to save a kitty to do!

    Now get on it Pauly! Smooches.
    I'll put Oscar in a tree and get Paul to rescue him. I'm sure Oscar would be down with the plan... probably not.

  4. Haha Butter Snaps. I still laugh when I read it. Although, you did tell me to give him is "man card" back...

    Whatevs, I really just wanted an excuse to discuss his Barack Obama t-shirt...

    I may not like your 'Canes but I have to admit I'm quite impressed by their resilience this post season. I'm sure if I lived in Raleigh I'd attend 'Canes games and might, might cheer for them... maybe.

  5. Well you're actually nicer than what one Canadian reporter said about the 'Canes.

    You called them "resilient".

    He called them the "cockroaches of playoffs" or something close to that.

  6. I love David Backes' shiner in the photo. That is so cute! Him and Goose should have a Green-off, and I'm not talking about Mike Green.

  7. MMmmmmmhmmmmmkizzleMay 14, 2009 at 10:29 PM

    I would say they look similar, but not freakishly. You'll have to show me a picture to convince me.

  8. Well Anne,

    As for Obama, what do you say to a guy who went out stumping door to door for Obama in Johnston Co., NC?

    Just a small bit of info, up to 1992, Smithfield, the county seat, had a sign that said "Welcome to Smithfield, the Chamber of Commerce and the KKK welcome you".

    The last Imperial Wizard of the KKK in NC had a house 10 miles as the crow flies from where I live right now.


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