Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Matt Greene!

by Anne

Today our dearly beloved Matthew Greene turns 26 years old.

Happy Birthday!

I have not forgotten about Matthew even though I have not mentioned him recently. That's basically because he hasn't done much that has made any headlines anywhere. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and whatnot so I took the time to make this Blingee which might not look like it took very long but it actually took like 30 minutes. Half an hour when I was putting off working on some papers :)

Happy Birthday Matthew, I hope its a good one! Play golf and drink beer or whatever it is you crazy hockey players do during your offseasons. I still want to know why he did not play in the WCs but it doesn't really matter now because they're over.

Your Biggest Fan in Buffalo


  1. The tiara makes it.
    Happy birthday, Greener!

  2. I'm not a Sabre's or a Matt Greene fan, but come on, give the guy his "man card" back.

    A tiara? Blinking "pixie-fairy lights".

    Hmmmm, I might see a reason the Sabre's aren't doing so well on the ice..... ;)

    Oh yeah, GO BUTTER-CUPS, er 'CANES!


  3. Pshhh Matt Greene's "man card" is not jeopardized by my sparkly tiara picture. He's also wearing the crown because he's an LA King and it was the manliest crown available at the time. I'm sure Matt Greene would appreciate how not even "pixie-fairy lights" can diminish his masculinity.

    And its Butter SNAPS. :)

  4. Ah, come on Anne,

    That's akin to putting your Mastiff in the tutu and cute bunny ears. But if you think it's not, who am I to say otherwise.


  5. Yo that is blingin.


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