Thursday, June 5, 2008

I've Changed my Mind

by Anne

Two things.

1. I love James Duthie, he makes everything better. Just watch a TSN broadcast after a loss, and he'll make you feel better, I swear. He makes trade deadline day fun. He knows that its a big deal, but he manages to make you laugh while trying not to hyperventilate over the status of your favorite players.

2. I'm now afraid of Sidney Crosby. Like, genuinely afraid of him. No joke, he freaks me out. Playoff crush OVER.

Here's why.

If I were to ever meet him on the street, I'd be scared to talk to him for fear of unsettling his mojo or throwing off his chi or some other such nonsense.

Speaking from a girl's perspective, um, is he like this at home, because GODSPEED in finding a woman that will put up with tiptoeing around your FOOLISHNESS. Lord knows I wouldn't. Good GOD. I don't care how many Cups you win in your career, I'd never tolerate some of those types of shenanigans at home.

"No, Sidney, if the soup spoons touch the teaspoons, that doesn't mean that Flower will break his finger."

"No, Sidney, Darryl Sydor cannot sleep in between us tonight, I don't care how much of a hot streak he's on. Now, if Ryan Malone were to be on a hot streak, we'd be having a different conversation."

Like, I'm assuming he doesn't impose his superstitions on other people. I'm assuming that his girlfriend doesn't have to call up Pascal Dupuis and Maxime Talbot to get them to eat lunch with them before a game. What'd he do before Dupuis? I'm assuming he just got into that habit recently. And, to be honest, if I were one of those 2 guys I'd think it was pretty cool that Sid the Kid relied on me for his mental well being.

That being said, I'm still afraid of him.

Thanks to Amy for the link.

I've been avoiding The Pensblog all day. :(


  1. Oh, we've noticed his unnaturally large body parts. And you know what I mean. But, greasy mexican? Someone told me he looked mexican with his stache. I didn't know it was an actual nickname. haha!!

  2. Thanks to Amy for the link.

    That was a great article. I wish they showed more stuff like this about NHL players. It makes them more real to know they have freaky quirks, too.

    I've been avoiding The Pensblog all day. :(

    I put it off for a while and it was very sad, but very sweet, too. Those guys are very professional, admirable sports fans/bloggers. I would be whining like a baby and blaming everyone whose name I could think of at the time (and pouting).

  3. Again, seriously people, Brian Campbell. Does ANYONE really want to see him naked? I doubt he looks at himself naked, probably showers in the dark!


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