Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Really Over This Time

by Anne

Pens lost.


Silver lining! Silver lining!

I'm glad it was the Red Wings and not, say, the Sharks or the Ducks, or good GOD, the Rangers or the Flyers. The Pens are the only team in the East that could've made that an exciting series, and they did. I hope that they're not feeling down about themselves. While I'm sure they're disappointed (duh), they put up a hell of a fight, and made the Red Wings work for it.

Oh well. RIP Ryan Whitney's POB 2008. How I loved thee.

More silver lining, from a Sabres' perspective:

Since the moment I saw that there is a Draft Day Party at HSBC Arena and decided to drag the young cousins and the Mom along, I've been feeling surprisingly chipper about our boys in blue and gold. It just served as a reminder that they're still here, and they really will be back next season. During the 9 WEEKS of the playoffs, it felt like I'd never see Derek Roy's shining face again. Since the Worlds ended I feel like Drew Stafford no longer exists. Pommer? Did you visit Mama Pup in Quebec? GOOSE! How's the hernia? Yoyo? The wrist? Ok? TEPPO!!! HOW IS YOUR HEART? MY HEART'S HEALTH IS SURPRISINGLY AKIN TO YOUR OWN. Timmy? Boned anyone worth mentioning lately? Petey! How are the wedding plans going? Britney! What have you had gold-plated recently?We all know how Millsey is, he tells is in is B-L-O-G. How kind of him. If he could only update us on the rest of his Sabre brethren, I'll be eternally grateful.

Anyone else going to the Draft Day Party? We should meet up and laugh at the players we mock/love so dearly. Now we find ourselves in the throes of the off-season. Just take a few deep breaths, it'll all be ok.

We all know Tri ain't comin' back, and Max might be on the trade block. Now in the clear light of the off-season, who do you think is gonna get the axe? I mean, if we all want Nathan Gerbe in the blue and gold come October, someone is, or a few someones are going to have to get their walking papers. Mike Ryan? (Sorry M.J.) Pie-YAY? (I think I'll die) Max? (WOO!).

Hope springs eternal for the Sabres fan.

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1 comment:

  1. Mike Ryan? (Sorry M.J.)

    DUDE! I am totally like, having ridiculous anxiety about this/ I did not sweat the bar exam as much as I sweat the contract status of the beloved future ex-husband.

    Which is eitherly majorly awesome or pathetic, I'm not yet sure...


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