Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day 7 = Day Frustrating as Hell

by Anne

Things I wrote when the Flames were winning:

I really love how the Saddledome looks with all the Calgary fans in red with the occasional sprinkle of a Sharks' jersey.

J-rome Iggy really understands my need for retribution. He scored the first goal after starting some serious Flames' pressure by stripping a Sharks' defenseman of the puck. Which defenseman you ask?

Ron Wilson: Just concentrate on the puck, Soupy
Soupy: Got it.
RW: No, Soupy, don't just stare at it, PLAY it.
Soupy: Ohhhh......

Things I wrote after the game was over:

Too bad you LOST with like 12 seconds LEFT, J-ROME! That is soooooo NOT ok.

You're all on Notice.

Montreal - I'm kinda mad at you. I wanted it to be a decisive win, not a "teetering on the edge of losing" win. That's the worst kind of loss for Tim Tom on his birthday. Boooo. 1-0 losses are TERRIBLE.

Dallas - WTF?

Calgary - You are SO sleeping on the couch. You had 10 shots on goal? IN THE ENTIRE GAME? And you managed to actually be winning for most of the game? All that means is San Jose's defense was actually proactive and that Nabokov is easily distracted by J-Rome's sparkling smile, Nabby and I have that in common.

Minnesota - Where was my 3-2 overtime victory? At least you managed to score...? If that's the best you can say about a game...that's pretty rough. I didn't even watch this one, the Calgary game was interesting and the Wild were losing by 4. Ew.


Shout out to SharksTV, they do have some hilarious interviews with their players. I especially enjoy Kyle McClaren's. He definitely falls in the "You're probably a jerk, but I'd probably sleep with you anyway" category. Or he may be of the "could snap at any moment" variety.

I started watching a few seconds of an interview with Soupy and my physical reaction was almost violent in nature and I decided I couldn't listen past the first 3 or 4 seconds of his deep, short-bus voice. I had a similar reaction when he was a Sabre but I usually chose to listen if the interview was broadcast, I never sought out Soupy interviews on the website. Ugh. This time, I quickly changed to a "20 questions" interview with Devin Setoguchi that did nothing but reinforce my belief that he might be 15.

And, to top it all off, I was only able to add a SHARK to my list of "Heretofore unknown Western Conference players that are surprisingly aesthetically pleasing."

That guy was Patrick Marleau. He looks so movie star-like it's almost disturbing. All his bruises and blood on his face just made him look even more bad-ass. He doesn't look like he'd be a hockey player, but for some reason, whenever his face was on camera, I couldn't stop watching him. This unsettles me.

Ew, he has an ATROCIOUS roster photo. I require further investigation. GASP! SHOCKING! SCANDALOUS! I FOUND A PICTURE OF HIS WIFE AND SHE'S TINY AND BLONDE! Haha, good on ya, Patrick Marleau. Ok, I can't find a good one of him. Just picture if Superman were a real person from Saskatchewan and he played hockey. Because, honestly, what other sport is manly enough for Superman?

I'm really scared for Carey Price. His adorableness factor shoots Montreal waaaaayyy up the list of teams with exceptional adorableness. I don't generally take a shine to goaltenders as they're all, generally, kind of incredibly weird, but I like Carey. This is, however, based solely on his play and what people say about him, I've never seen him interviewed. I could go investigate, but then I'd have to justify my observations.

After the first round passes, I will do an indepth study on the progress and development of playoff beards around the league. It's too soon for some players, as many of them (cough Sidney cough) can barely boast a 5 o'clock shadow.

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  1. I think I experienced that "violent reaction" you were talking about when I read the latest quote from dear ol' Soupy (Amy already posted this at SOTC...):

    “The accountability inside the dressing room. It’s probably the first team I’ve been on where guys will speak up and say something and you take it to heart. It’s a big change that way, probably the biggest thing.”

    I literally almost threw up when I read that. It's like he's a 14 year old girl gossipping to his new friends about how lame his old friends were.

    So that quote put me in a VERY grumpy mood last night, until Iggy once again made him look like a pee-wee player. Then, I fell asleep...feeling confident that Calgary could finsih the job...

    Until I wake up this morning to find out that not only did they lose, but they only got 10 shots!! Iggy can flash his pearly whites as much as he wants, but he's totally on the couch (at least for tonight...haha)

    Hopefully, Sid and his scruff (which I believe he draws on with eyebrow pencil...kidding, love you Sid!) will restore my faith in hockey.


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