Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is totally ridiculous

by Anne

See title of post. I have nothing to say. We all know where I stand. If you're unsure, you need look no further than the previous post or 12 to figure it out.

Enjoy some StaalLove with some interviews from before this season. Aka, Marc hadn't started his NHL career and Jared was probably only 16.

Around the kitchen table:

Mama Staal, what did you put in their Flintstones vitamins in the morning, HGH?

The Staal Brothers Personal Wall O' Fame:

I think Marc's "rusty wheel on the shopping cart" position in the family makes him my favorite Staal. That, and the flowing locks in that picture. Yowzas. WHO NAMED THE DOG CANDY? THAT IS TOTALLY AWESOME AND TOTALLY GIRLY AND I LOVE IT.

Staal Family Backyard Rink:

I tried to figure out which one was which in the home movie clips but unless you had all 4 of them together, it's pretty hard to tell, especially because 1/2 their faces are covered almost all the time.

Just Get a Ruler, Boys:

I enjoy the tactful way they all acknowledge that Marc is not a great shooter. That's why he's the defenseman in the family. Jared should've been a goalie, just to even it all out.

At the Thunder Bay Rink:

Do you only get the white helmets when you with the Stanley Cup? Does Eric have an exceptionally large or small noggin? I enjoy the mid-clip commercial by Eric and Jared. All Jordan contributes is that he has bad taste in music. Marc lets us know that he supports Tim Hortons.

All Hockey Players' 2nd Love:

Wow, EVERYTHING is a competition with these boys. That's probably what got them to where they are today.

Watching all these videos in a row kind of makes Eric seem like a douche. Although, he is the oldest and that superiority thing comes with the territory. In the shootout thing he's very supportive of his littlest brother. Little. Hah. Boy's probably 6'4" like all his brothers.

Marc "Rusty Wheel" Staal has no love for Pat Kaleta:

Take the poll on the upper left. Yes, POLLS. That's how strapped I am. I thought I saw Mike Ryan at Tim Horton's today. I thought wrong. As mentioned above, one of the Staals (I'm pretty sure it's Marc) is drinking Tim Hortons for a split second in that rink video. Its fate. I drink Tim Horton's coffee all the time. I realize he might be drinking something other than coffee, but I don't care.

Private to the NHL schedule makers:

Bite me.



  1. I voted for Jordan...I really don't know why. I guess Eric's an icky 'Cane and Marc's and icky Ranger. Jordan gets the honor of being a McSexyTime - it's almost unfair to his brothers.

    And don't worry about resorting to polls. Yesterday, I resorted to stuffed animal mascots. Today, I'm trying to bring everyone over to the dark side that is Sid-lovin'.

    Is it Saturday yet??

  2. I had to vote for Eric. I know he's an icky 'Cane, but he's the hottest IMO.

  3. I... might like the Staal brothers a little more now. A little. I like how they "Happy Gilmore" swing their golf clubs!

  4. I think I enjoy the Staals, and all hockey players, because I love watching groups of men interact with each other. I never had any brothers and never had a huge group of guy friends, so watching them is endlessly entertaining to me. I can't believe someone else picked Marc. WHO? Let's chat about why he's the best!

  5. I do not enjoy Eric Staal and I think he looks like a serial killer but I did enjoy watching some of these videos. They're pretty cute together. Marc's my favorite. Gotta go with the d-man, you know?

  6. I thought I saw Mike Ryan at Tim Horton's today. I thought wrong.


    The best I saw was a lovely young lesbian woman who bore a striking resemblence to Vincent Lecavalir. So, Anne>>>>>M.J. in every way here.

  7. Heather - you're so right about Eric. His eyes are so deep set they're practically next to his ears. He just seems like he's the douche of the family. I don't normally love the Dmen, I just prefer the quieter ones that do their job and are pretty sweet at it.

    OMG I would love to meet a woman that looked like Vinny, that would probably be the highlight of my year, hahahahahahahaha.

  8. Yo I finally went to this post and I don't know where to vote?! What kind of freakish family is that? Talk about some high power Flintstones vitamins man. I don't really know which one I should vote for. I need to be shown how to vote. I think my favorite Staal brother is Oscar.


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