Monday, October 25, 2010

Trade Talks?

by Anne

Every time I can, and remember to, I update the records of each team on the upper right and left corners of this blog. I'm much more likely to do it in a timely fashion when one or both of the teams have won, and I can increase that win number rather than the loss number.

I used to be a far more diligent blogger, I used to update every day, 5 days a week, now it's usually more like 2 or 3. Stupid work commitments making me do stuff during the workday. Psh. My old job, the one I was doing when I started this blog, left much more opportunity for blogging. Also, Twitter has made my random pithy thoughts I used to toss in this blog more readily available to the masses, and less likely to end up in here. 

Regardless, I read this morning a tweet from @DaveDavisHockey which indicated that there might be (read: probably won't be) a trade between the Ducks and the Sabres. According to Pierre Lebrun of ESPN, the Ducks are interested in a puck-moving defenseman. The Sabres really only have one (maybe 2) of those that they might part with; we're not exactly a hotbed of puck-moving defensemen over here. In the extremely unlikely event that this trade materializes, it seems most likely that the Ducks would not be acquiring a puck-mover from Buffalo. Andrej Sekera is pretty much the only puck-mover we'd part with., and unless the Ducks consider Andrej Sekera - our 6/7 defenseman - a commodity they just can't do without, it's not happening that way. It seems more likely that the Ducks would acquire parts from the Sabres to make a bigger trade with a team that has a more capable puck-mover on their roster. Therefore, I anticipate that if this trade happens (which it won't) the Ducks would be sending some Todd Marchant-type to the Sabres for a draft pick or two, or maybe one of the three of Sekera/Butler/Weber. Darcy Regier just LOVES 30+ veteran career 3rd liners. We can ALWAYS use more, right?

That's my prediction. Mike, my co-worker is hoping for Koivu, as the Sabres tried to make a play for him in the off-season. I find this extremely unlikely. However, anything is possible in the world of trades that will never happen.

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