Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome Aboard, Shaeonioenae Morrrrisonnenenannn

by Anne

Look, my name has superfluous letters. It is pronounced the same way if it's spelled "Ann" or "Anne," my beloved Greener has superfluous letters as well "Greene" or "Green." But Shenaynay Morrisonnnnn takes unnecessary letters to the MAX.

Let's welcome him anyway.

  • He's from Vancouver, BC.
  • He was drafted by the Bruins in 2001
  • He's played most of his career in Washington.
  • He's been bleeped out while saying it but he's on the record as hating Buffalo.
  • His complicated name as well as his aversion to Buffalo will make him difficult to love.
  • I don't like people who don't like Buffalo.
  • He doesn't score very much. Wasn't defensive scoring something the Sabres hoped to address in this off-season? Hmm, guess not.
  • He shall have to defend Ryan Miller's honor frequently or be as stellar with JBG as Hank the Tank was. Then maybe by, like, game 3 I'll start liking him. Maybe.

Welcome Aboard, Skippy. I wanted to make a Blingee for him but this computer is a pain the butt.

The dog I love, the man, my judgment is reserved.


  1. Best blog post title ever. I'm on board with Skippy, so much easier to spell.

  2. What about him hating Buffalo now? Where did you hear that? Or are you just libeling?

  3. What about him hating Buffalo now? Where did you hear that? Or are you just libeling?

    Yes, clearly I'm just making it up. That's how I roll.

    No, there's a video on the Caps website or there was a video at one point on the Caps website in which all of the players discuss their least favorite city and it's obvious most of them are saying Buffalo. Skippy is one of those players.


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