Friday, August 13, 2010

Will this Summer never END?

By Anne

The Sabres are boring.

Lou Lamoriello and Ilya Kovalchuk and Kovalchuk's agent have created a lot of headaches for people.

Mark Mancari is coming back to Portland. Woo.

Someone effed up the Prince of Wales trophy (Eastern Conference Champs) and wrote the Washington Capitals instead of the Flyers. The running excuse is that the engraver is a moron and wrote the Caps because they won the President's trophy. I mean, they both start with P after all.

Ummm, let's see. This guy standing next to my desk has an incredibly deep voice. It's almost hot. I don't know what he looks like though. Maybe I shouldn't look, it might kill the image. Although it's hard to sound sexy with a Great Lakes accent no matter how hot you might appear to be. Oh, he just said "I seen." That's a real mood killer. Even if it was Greener, I'd be grossed out by someone saying "I seen." Proper grammar is wicked sexy.

Exactly how many defensemen do the Sabres have these days? It seems like a lot but it probably isn't.

I'm taking a kickboxing lesson tonight. It's one-on-one with a personal trainer. I've gained a lot of weight over the last year (effing school stress being de-motivating) and I want to be at least somewhat presentable for my sister's wedding next July. I'm pumped to learn how to kick some butt.

I'm typing this on a Gateway Netbook. It is LAME. I want my Macbook back. I'm not an Apple Fangirl by anymeans (I use a Blackberry and have ZERO interest in an iPad) but it cannot be disputed that my Macbook>>>>>>>>>>>>my Netbook.

Anyone in the Western New York area thinking about selling their home in the next few months? I know just the girl to help you out. :)

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