Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ron MacLean is a BAMF & other things

by Anne

  • First and foremost, we all must pay homage to one Mr. Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada who saved a man from taking his own life by diving into the Delaware River to save him. Read a bit about it here. What a dude. 
  • So the Flyers won last night. I dislike both of these teams in the Final so I appreciate that these three games have been exciting and close. Chris Pronger makes things more entertaining, as always, even if it's because he's a royal d-bag.
  • Zack Kassian saddens me. I know he has a mean-streak on the ice, but being arrested and charged with assault is not exactly going to endear him to Sabres fans. Darcy Regier had expressed interest in signing him to a pro-contract soon. That will likely be put off until later into the summer, if it happens this summer at all, while he deals with this situation. Idiot. Win the Memorial Cup and get arrested. Well done, Kash.
  • I'm reading this book:

  • I'm a big fan of the Roosevelts and I like biographies and I like biographies written by David McCullough, so this should be a good read. Thusfar I've read the first chapter, which focuses on TR's Pops, also named Theodore. He sounds like he was the kind of father any kid would want. Next chapter is about his Mama, Mittie.
  • It's hard to find things hockey to look forward to. I'm not all that pumped about the draft this year. Neither the Kings nor Sabres have high draft picks, and there's no possibility of going to the draft in LA :( 
  • The Sabres signed Jacob Lagace. This seriously ups the pretty factor in the prospects pool, which is always a plus for development camp. By the by, when is Dev Camp this summer? I love going up there for the scrimmages.
  • Tumblr is rife with sudden pangs of lust for Dan Carcillo. Ladies, I can get behind loving even the grossest of the gross, but just not Dan Carcillo. I suppose I could understand a latent desire for Sean Avery or Chris Pronger, maybe even Dion Phaneuf, but NOT Dan Carcillo. Gross me out in all ways possible.
  • Let's Go 'Hawks? I might pay attention to the NBA. The week off before the SCF started had a lot of us on Twitter watching the NBA. I suppose I'll pull for the Lakers? I don't know. I feel like the Celtics and Lakers are ALWAYS in the Final. I know that's not true but  they HAVE met 11 times in the Final.


  1. I did not like Kassian when we drafted him but this pretty much cements it. We dont need another Derek Roy on the team that is going to be out in bars and not concentrating on hockey. As far as I hear though, everyone in Buffalo wants him on the team right now because he is tough.

  2. I agree with ^ on the other Derek Roy floating around Buffalo. Please no.

    Also, Ron MacLean is a stud. What an amazing story. I just love how non-chalant he is about the whole thing, just running out of the studio to save a guy. Great job!

  3. This was the best part of watching the game on HNIC:

    Bettman loses it upon being confronted about the owners bailing because they're losing money in bad hockey markets. That's one mad Jew.

  4. I haven't read the comments on TBN (because it's like falling down the rabbit hole) but I can guess that there are those who are actually HAPPY about the Kassian story because they think it means he's tough or some such nonsense. These are the same people who think that Jeff Cowan and Cody McCormick are the solution to everything. I do not understand these people.
    But... he is only 19. I don't like it, but teenage boys do stupid things and bar fights happen. It's not at the cabby-punching level of inexplicable thuggery. Hopefully he gets sat down hard, goes to anger-management counseling, and learns his lesson.

    Tumblr is rife with sudden pangs of lust for Dan Carcillo.

    Speaking of people I do not understand. Ew. Just ew. Who are these women??


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