Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey! Hey! U-S-A! And the Sabres won too... eh!

by Anne

The Winter Classic game was boring except for the last five minutes and OT and I would've preferred it if the Flyers had won only because they are not in our division.

Anywhoozle, then the Team USA roster was announced and there weren't toooo many surprises. The only players I was displeased to see there were Mike Komisarek and Chris Drury. Or as they shall now be known "Not Rob Scuderi" and "Not Paul Gaustad."

From teams I care about: Ryan Miller was named as one of the goaltenders. Frankly, I'm pretty surprised. I mean, his stats this season haven't been exactly phenomenal and he hasn't really played at an elite level but I guess Brian Burke is ok with that?

Jack Johnson and Dustin Brown will be representin' the Kings, and ya know who else will?!?!

The one real surprise (for me anyway?) was that the #3 goaltender named to the tournament was Jonathan Quick!! Yay Quickie monster! I'm so excited for him. He won't see a second of ice time but he's being groomed for the back-up job for 2014 after TimTom presumably retires.

Also in "WOO!" for team USA was Patrick Kane, Brooks Orpik, and David Backes. Wooo!

Theeeeennnn there was the Sabres game.


I'm very glad they won, especially when they had NO BUSINESS winning that game. Jochen Hecht even SAID SO! They were ONCE AGAIN down 3-0 and rallied to win 4-3. I'll take the two points anyway we can get them but this bizness is no longer cute.

Derek Roy's winning goal was also hilarious.

[So the video was supposed to go here but it won't work, sorry!]

Woo! A win is a win! Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve!


  1. I wouldn't be so (ahem) quick to assume that Jon Quick won't play at all. There's no chance he'll play in the medal round, but maybe he'll get a start against one of the weaker teams in the preliminaries. Like you, I was also happy to see he was named to the team. Quick is very underrated and a better option than Anderson or Howard, I think. The fact that he's on both of my fantasy teams has nothing to do with that opinion, of course...

  2. haha, quick.

    You're probably right and, in fact, it hasn't been stated who will be the #1 backup. Why make Miller play against Latvia or Norway? They should at least give Quickie a chance to get some Olympic stats to his name.

    Quickie is one of my two fantasy goalies too, he was one of those "meh I need another goalie" pick-ups after I picked Osgood early (yeah it was a bad choice) and then Bryzgalov not long after. So Bryz and Quickie have done well for me. Their combined 43(I think?) wins is 10 more than anyone else in my fantasy league. Although SV% isn't outstanding.


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