Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kings, STOP LOSING but there are happy things too

by Anne

The Kings have now lost four in a row and lost last night to the Calgary Flames. There were only bursts of any kind of real game play.

There were tons o' penalties and fights and trading powerplay opportunities but for all that the score ended 2-1, Flames. Scott Parse scored the Kings' only goal. Good job, Scooter.

Dustin Brown was inexplicably awarded a penalty shot but the hockey gods made up for that bogus call when he just as inexplicably lost control of the puck as he skated in on Kiprusoff.

Ok, that was sucky but there is much happier Kings news to discuss:



From his interviews where he talked about what he did when he heard about his selection as the 7th defenseman:

"...I woke up Brownie right away, my roommate, and told him, and I started calling everyone in the family.”
Hahaha, Brownie, his likely future opponent on Team USA.  I'm sure he was thrilled to be awakened by this news. No, but really he was probably happy for him, as happy as one can be when they first wake up.

I'm so excited for him, especially because he got the nod and Mike Green didn't! I hate Mike Green. No Phaneuf either! Woo! Although there is Pronger...

The only member of Team Canada I give a HOOT about! Yay!
 Ok that's completely not true.
Rick Nash.
Jarome Iginla.
Sidney Crosby.
Brent Seabrook.
Happy for Shea Weber too.

In other Olympic roster news, the following Sabres and Kings are headed to the 5-ringed tourney:

Henrik Tallinder - Sweden
Toni Lydman - Finland
Michal Handzus and Andrej Sekera - Slovakia
Phillip Gogulla - Germany
Maybe someone for Team USA but most likely not? :)

However, Jochen Hecht was NOT named to the German team, like Ryan Smyth was not named to Team Canada. :( Stiff upper lip, boys.

In TOTALLY RELEVANT TO EVERYTHING news, I got a pedicure yesterday. Ok that part isn't relevant but I saw Chris Butler and Steve Montador at the movies together. I loves me a good hockey bromance.

I can't wait for the Team USA roster to be announced on January 1!



  1. I'm so happy Dewey made the roster! That's so awesome that he beat out the likes of Phaneuf and Bouwmeester.

  2. Hey everybody, guess what else is happening tomorrow? The Winter Classic! Yay! Hope you guys will watch. I'm like a HUGE Red Sox fan and I've been to Fenway Park more times than I can count (I went 7 times last season... eep!). I'm also a Bruins fan, so yup I'm pretty excited.

    If the weather holds up, this'll be pretty great. I'm so jealous of Buffalo, though, you guys got to play the Penguins.

    I'm going to the Boston College/Boston University men's college hockey game at Fenway on January 8th too. If you get the NHL network you can watch that too. And you totally should. Such an amazing rivalry. I got to BC and college hockey is great. Soooo psyched.


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