Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome Aboard, Matt Generous!

by Anne

Last year when we started acquiring new players I started searching for information about them, especially for players we signed out of college and I had absolutely no idea who they were. Who knew there was so much information about Derek "Noodles" Whitmore out there on the internet? Not me. I'm pretty sure his welcoming post was the longest I've ever done.

Anyway, on April Fool's Day the Sabres signed Matt Generous to a one year entry-level contract. Here is all the pertinent information I found about Matthew on Google:

  • Matt Generous was born May 4, 1985 in Connecticut or maybe Massachusetts? I love conflicting information
  • His parents are Susan and Edward
  • He's 6'3" 200 lbs
  • He also played Lacrosse so if the Bandits are hurting, he can help them out, right?
  • He plays defense
  • He's a right-handed shot!
  • He attended St. Lawrence University
  • He was drafted by the Sabres in 2005, 7th round 208th overall (take THAT 200th overall, Paul Gaustad!)
  • He was named to some All-Academic teams in college
  • I just realized I couldn't find his major anywhere on the St. Lawrence website. Admittedly, I didn't look that hard.
  • Based on his point totals he's more of a stay at home defenseman, he's set a college career high in goals scored this season with eight
  • This year he was named the ECAC's Most Outstanding Defenseman (Eastern College Athletic Conference)
  • If he makes it to the NHL it'll be because of intangibles, according to I love intangibles
  • He'll be playing in Portland on an ATO and his NHL contract will begin next season
  • I'm pretty sure we signed him to a one year entry-level deal but I've seen more than one unofficial source say three years so I'm not sure but the Sabres site and USA Today say one so that's what I'm going with
  • I of course found him on Facebook and added him. No response yet, but I trust we'll be fast friends on the internet, right Matt? I thought so.

Action shot. Woooo!

Lookin' snappy, Matt
(both pics from the St. Lawrence University website)

Congrats on your contract! Welcome to the Sabres!

ETA: According to the Maine Hockey Journal the Sabres have signed a player named Travis Turnbull and he's reporting to Portland today. Once its official I'll find some homework to avoid doing and find some time to look up stuff about him.


  1. Matt Generous grew up in Cheshire, CT, as I graduated with him in 2004.

  2. Matt Generous grew up in Cheshire, CT, as I graduated with him in 2004.

    Yeah I saw Chesire, CT on his official roster page but some site randomly said he was from Massachusetts. I wonder why they said that?

    Thanks for confirming, though!

  3. Matt was a Mathematics major at St.Lawrence.


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