Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pommerrrr Wins It!!/Some Sad Stuff Too

by Anne

I like these kinds of games.

Lots of back and forth action (a few too many penalties, tsk tsk) and an amazing overtime goal scored by Jason Pominville, set up by a Tim Connolly heads-up play.

That post-game love huddle was one of the most joyous things I've seen in a long time. Pommer's leap of joy, and all the hugging and helmet nuzzling and whoops of joy, including Millsy's over zealous embrace of Timmy at the end.

The game did not start out so hot with Ovechkin basically left alone at the side of the net and he banked it in over Millsy. That was not a pleasant start but the Sabres got HUGE breaks off of Caps defensemen being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Clarke MacArthur's "goal" was really a Caps defenseman shooting the puck in his own net on a clearing attempt and at least one other goal redirected off of a defenseman's foot into the net.

The endless parade to the penalty box was depressing and we all knew the Caps would capitalize (HA!) on that first 5 on 3. When they failed to connect on the second, you knew the Sabres weren't out of it just yet.

Maxim Afinogenov once again actually shot the puck and it actually went in the net, sneaking in under the crossbar like Bogosian's goal did to Miller on Wednesday.

I was mostly happy with the way the Sabres played in their own end but the penalties are what dug them into a hole. Royzie drew a penalty and then Spacek drew another on the same delayed penalty. Ummm, poor timing, Sissy.

BUT, in the end, we won. We. Won. All is not yet lost. Florida lost to Atlanta tonight. We're four points out with a game in hand. Can we do it? I don't know but I'm really glad we're still in the hunt and that I still care.

How fantastic was it that it was five hole, The same way Kovalchuk scored on Miller.


Unnnnfortunately, its Friday and we play tomorrow. Making these back to back Friday and Saturday games. We won that last two games we played on back to back Friday/Saturday. It would be really nice if that became a trend.


This is not a happy section of this post.

I think most people have heard by now, but in case you haven't, former Sabre Taylor Pyatt's fiancee Carly Bragnalo was killed in a car accident Thursday in Jamaica. She was 27 and they were planning to marry this summer. They had been together for eleven years.


Carly is the girl in the back row center holding a wine glass
click to enlarge

Send some love Taylor and their families' way, they'll need all the support possible, tangible or intangible these days.


  1. How fantastic was it that it was five hole, The same way Kovalchuk scored on Miller.

    I thought the same thing too. A little bit of poetic justice.

  2. set up by a Tim Connolly heads-up play.

    Wait... Timmy can keep his head up???? I didn't know that was possible for him to do while playing hockey...

  3. Thanks for giving some Taylor-made love Anne.


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