Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a Ridiculous Day

by Anne

Today was pretty awesome.

It required a great deal of logistical planning on my part. Basically I had to do half of my normal getting ready for work routine at 11:00 am instead of 3:00 pm because the Sabres and Bulls had to be homers and play in the afternoon.

That Sabres game today was highly enjoyable, I must say. For those keeping track, my 3rd jersey is 3-1 when watching a game at home... cuz I can't wear it to any games.

Matt Ellis was THIS close to having a hat trick. Matt. Ellis. He seems like such a genuinely likable and hard-working guy, the kind of guy you can really feel good about cheering for. He's proud to be a Sabre and he wants to stay here. His recent interview with The Sabres Show, coupled with his career-high performance this afternoon makes this one heck of a weekend for Mr. Ellis.

I like Matt Ellis because he's doing exactly what all players should do: he's playing for his job. Matt Ellis knows that if Matt Ellis doesn't play his absolute best and eat minutes and play a solid game, he watches the game from the press box or he gets a ticket back to Portland. Clearly he doesn't want that, so he's playing to stay in the NHL. Can you imagine the difference in this team if all players played that way? This recent calling out of top players has definitely reflected that attitude: play like you want this job and you'll keep it. Play with apathy and Lindy just might start being a little bit apathetic about your ice time. Basically Matt Ellis is the hero of Buffalo today.

Ryan Miller had no business making some of those saves. Like, straight up, how did he do some of those? Much like the "Did Gaustad or Pominville tap in that rebound?" debate, my feeling is basically the same: I don't care how it happened, I'm just glad it did. He was sprawling around and flailing and throwing the glove around like he's Scott Hartnell (click on the link if you've never seen it).

Excellent game with some unusual injuries. Britney, as Cory put it "Who gets injured on a pass?" I'm sure it just hit a nerve or something and just stung a little and you're fine, but yeesh. Reggie, uhhhh, I hope you enjoy your new life as lead soprano for the BPO chorus.

So, tonight I experienced my very first Bandits game. It was.... different.

First of all, the completely different structure of the quarters completely changes the way I sell food and beverage. I sell wwwaaayyyy more in the seats than I do during Sabres games which means I was VASTLY unprepared for the demand I was faced with. Couple this with the fact that there are TONS of kids and Bandits games, and I made out like, well, a bandit.

Also, its wwwwaaaaaaaayyyy hotter because the building is not 60 degrees like it is during a hockey game.

I have no idea what the rules of lacrosse are but I can now name at least 4 Buffalo Bandits and I am happy to report that they won 15-11. Yay!

UB lost today :( I didn't watch much of the game, but what I did see was decent. We made it farther than anyone thought we would and those boys have nothing to feel bad about.

Today's win and Pittsburgh's loss puts us in 7th and the Pens in 9th. I know this will be meaningless by, like, tomorrow, but its just a snapshot to see how the Pens are struggling lately.

Later today, we will be posting a very special commemorative post, as today, January 4, 2009, Sabretooth's House turns 1 whole year old. Awwwww.

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  1. Happy one year birthday, you two! And hopefully many more to come. (:

    I was very disappointed the Sabres and Bulls both played yesterday afternoon. I was looking forward to watching the Bulls game when I came home from Florida only to find out around Christmas that the Sabres were also playing at the same time. How dare they schedule it that way! I still wish the Bulls could've won, but it was still awesome that they made it to the International Bowl. The Sabres game was equally awesome. Some guys on the team should take note of Ellis' work ethic. That's how it should be every single night for the whole team.


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