Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Year in Review

by Anne
Seeing as how today is the 1 year anniversary of Sabretooth's House, we decided to take a look back on the last year in highs and lows of site traffic, etc.

Number of posts: 557

Day with the most hits: December 18, 2008, 478 hits. That was the day of this post which I assume is what drew you all to this little blog. Did you all just sit there continuously hitting "refresh"?

First runner up was October 9 with 369, which was a day that featured links to this blog from other sources. Thanks peeps!

Post with the most hits: "Don't Shoot the Hockey Player" 1,054
This was my "OMG people, stop freaking out on Craig Rivet for not immediately loving on Buffalo" post from July. The post was linked to by Puck Daddy, and is where most of those hits (622) came from. I have to say, when I wrote that post, I hoped lots of people would read it because I think it was important stuff to say, but I didn't think over 1,000 people would read it.

Label most often perused: "Paul Gaustad"

I don't feel as though we really say that much about the Goose other than he's wicked sweet at this thing called life, he makes us feel like the world is a little better because he walks amongst us and we're glad he's a Sabre.

Website that sent us the most traffic:
My Safety is Harvard.

Anything that brings us closer to M.J. has got to be GOLDEN.

Most popular search term that has nothing to do with Buffalo or the Sabres:
"Jordan Staal middle name"


Now THAT'S Commitment Award:
Someone searched for "Ryan Miller, Sabres" and then stayed on this blog long enough to read what one can only assume is every single post tagged "ryan miller" and were on this blog for over 38 minutes. This was followed closely by "Paul Gaustad's girlfriend" with just over 37 minutes of perusal time on only 5 pages.

Top 5 most frequently used labels by we who are posting:

1. Jason Pominville
T2. Ryan Miller and Winning (COINCIDENCE?!)
4. Drew Stafford
5. Anne is Crazy

Its been a fun year. I really never thought this blog would last very long or that anyone would read it. However, like your Uncle Dennis who just won't leave after dinner is long over, we've hung around, blathering away to whomever chooses to click on a link.

Over the last year we've had many missteps, more typos than I'd care to think about, copied many people's ideas or phrases (most of the time unintentionally and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that jazz). Remember when I was going to change the name or shut down the blog like 2 months ago? That wasn't fun, and I'm glad I didn't buckle under pressure from jerks.

Now, a selection of some of our favorite pictures posted over the last year:

Thanks for reading and commenting and being sweet and maybe we'll be around for another year?


  1. happy birthday, sabretooth's house!

  2. Aw, congrats on your blog being 1 year old! Keep the posts coming, I love reading! :)

  3. I said it in the previous post, but happy one year birthday!

    The picture of Goose is right, by the way. He does give me unrealistic expectations about men.

  4. Hahaha.... I know what you mean with MJ on both accounts. The day Derek's pictures were posted, I had around 2,000 hits. I was flabbergasted. So obviously I'm most linked to MSIH as well. =]

    But Happy Blog-Birthday!!

  5. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Sabretooths House, Happy Birthday to you!

    Great Job Ladies, I love this blog! :)

  6. Happy birthday! Thanks for giving me something hilarious to read all the time!

  7. Happy Blog Birthday! Here's to another year of awesome posts and even more awesome pictures! haha

  8. Happy Blogiversary Sabretooth's House! I love reading and commenting so keep 'em coming. And it was cool to meet you the other night Anne! :)

  9. Happy Blog Birthday Sabretooth's House!

  10. I've decided I will now (attempt to) follow (and maybee post on) this blog as often as I possibly could. So probably once every eleven days. But we'll see if I can maybe do better than that.

    Next year's blog on this day: Happy 1st Birthday of Dan reading this Blog since this First Birthday of this Blog. Short version: H1BODRTBSTFBOTB. Even shorter: Blog posted 01/04/10. (Which will also, coincidentally, mark the 6 month anniversary of the Sabres winning Lord Stanley........)

  11. Blog posted 01/04/10. (Which will also, coincidentally, mark the 6 month anniversary of the Sabres winning Lord Stanley........)


  12. Great work, ladies! Keep it up -- this has to be my absolute fav Sabres blog to read :)

  13. Keep the phaith S(h)ara. We can't always fail. It's impossible. Well, nearly impossible. Okay, highly improbable...not very likely. I mean, what more can hap...

    Hold on a sec, I have Jim Basille on the other line....

  14. happy birthday you!

    go sabrecats


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