Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year Part 2!

by Anne

The Winter Classic was fun for the first 20 minutes then it wasn't as much fun. That is all I really have to say about it.

HOWEVER, I have much more to say about that Sabres game tonight. Completely the opposite from the Winter Classic, the first period stunk and the rest of it was a lot more enjoyable.

The tide was beginning to turn when Miller turned aside Hagman's penalty shot at the end of the first. However, things still weren't rolling the way they needed to be to walk away with 2 points.

The Maple Leafs were the dominant team until just before the Sabres scored. It was an unpleasant mishmash of poor passes and players being grossly out of position. The first 20+ minutes they looked like they were gift wrapping a New Year's Day win for the Maple Leafs.

Then came a Leafs penalty. And then there was Pommer. And then the puck was behind CuJo and in the net.

Derek Roy's somewhat boneheaded move to cover the puck with his glove instead of just sweeping it out has been all but forgotten considering Hagman did not score on the resulting penalty shot and then Royzie netted 2 goals of his own. Good thing for him. That was pretty careless, Derek.

Vanek had a couple of beautiful backhand passes to set up both of Royzie's goals. They're making a strong case for sticking on the same line again. When Vanek and Stafford and Royzie all combine for not one but two goals in a game, that makes it seem like their line should be back together for good, right?

I would like to state that I think my heart rate has JUST gone down from seeing Danny Paille crawling around on the ice on all fours in some serious pain? The only way he could've been in a more vulnerable position is if he were unconscious. However, he came back later in the period... Hokay, Danny, whatevs, you're built tough and I love ya for it.

Miller had another strong showing. We need more of those showings from him. He was getting a lot more help from the defense which obviously makes it easier for him to do his job.

These are the kinds of games we need to see more often. It'd be nice if we played this way against teams that are ranked higher than us from now on.

I was drinking so at times I found myself confused seeing the dark jerseys. At one time I had to make sure the center ice logo was a maple leaf and I wasn't accidentally ditching work. Looks like the third jerseys provide some spark even across borders.

There were a couple of guys I was watching the game with that were being total douchebags and they were partially ruining the game, but then they left after the first and played Wii Baseball and the game in the room and on the ice got infinitely more enjoyable.

Life is too short to watch Sabres games with douchebags.

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  1. The Winter Classic was fun for the first 20 minutes then it wasn't as much fun.

    HAHHAA I thought the exact same thing. I was all happy when I left for work, because Chicago was up 3-0, but by the time I got to work, they were losing. It was all downhill from there.

    Life is too short to watch Sabres games with douchebags.

    Amen! ...even if that douchebag happens to be your aunt, who gave you free place to stay when you wanted to go to a Sabres game in Boston. =]


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