Saturday, October 18, 2008


by Anne

I've been taking care of my two cousins this weekend so I've been living the HIGH LIFE of child care.

S(h)ara and I went to MK's boyfriend's house to watch the game on his giant new HD Sony Bravia TV and it was pretty sweeeeeeeeeet.

On to the actual hockey:

TRUE TO FORM, the Colorado Avalanche (featuring WCB JM Liles) took on the Dallas Stars (featuring WCB no one) and won 5-4. Proving that MY LOVE MOVES MOUNTAINS.

Considering the 'Yotes haven't beaten the Habs since 1998, and still haven't, losing 4-1, perhaps I should take this opportunity to select my Coyotes WCB:

I was perusing the 'Yotes website roster when I discovered a man/boy I love plays for them. The only issue that I spend less time thinking about than the Phoenix Coyotes is whether or not Zac Efron will be able to find a successful vehicle for his "talent" once the High School Musical trilogy ends.

Therefore, I have selected Peter Mueller as my Phoenix Coyotes boyfriend because he's cute and he played at the World Championships with Team USA:


Back to the Sabres:

Things that make S(h)ara happy: Marian Hossa no longer plays for the Atlanta Thrashers
Things that make S(h)ara unhappy: That Ilya Kovalchuk still does
Things Anne isn't sure how she feels about: Colby Armstrong plays for the Thrashers.

Anyway, ugh.

We lost a game we didn't even really deserve to win, but we managed to get 1 point, so that's pretty sweet.

OY, PATTY LALIME PLAYED SO WELL!!! Gah, losing that game must have stung extra hard when he played so well!!! The skaters really fell down on the job and let A LOT of shots through. Waaayyyyyy too much of that first period was spent in our own end. WAY TOO MUCH. We managed to battle back when I really thought it was over and that DARN DIRTY FOOL THOMAS VANEK SCORED AGAIN.

There were lots of ups and downs for that game. It really felt like last season for most of that game and it was extremely unpleasant. Ups obviously included Patty Lalime's play, the perfect PK and Staffy's shoot out goal. The Downs need not be mentioned any further.

Let's stop talking about the Sabres of now and talk about the Sabres yet to come:

On Wednesday, the Portland Pirates had a team-building day where they went to the University of Maine (or something) to do some Girl Scout Camp style team building exercises.

There's something totally great about Mike Weber hoisting his coach over the wall in this picture.
Awww, Doof, I miss you!!!

Gerbe scored twice in a 3-2 Portland Pirates victory over the Springfield Falcons tonight!! Yay!!!

I enjoy this quote from the Maine Hockey Blog live blog of the game:

"8:44pm — Gerbe is one sick dude… Falls to the ice and still managed to get the puck on the stick of Mark Mancari for a good one-on-one scoring chance. This is a very special player indeed and will be a star in the NHL. Just to add, offensively he doesn’t belong in this league, but he does have work to do on his back checking and defensive play."

I'm super tired and have children to wrangle. Boooooooooo. We still got a point, had a 100% PK and only allowed 2 goals. Not too bad.

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  1. Lalalalime played so amazingly well in the whole game. It's too bad he couldn't win it in the shootout, though. If only the boys played better defensively in the first, I'm sure things would've been all right.

    I was hoping there were more pictures of the Pirates' team building but no. ): I only found maybe three pictures.


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