Saturday, October 18, 2008


by Anne

That game was pretty wicked SWEEEEET.

Sorry Alix. :(

I'm pretty sure it would've been more like 3-2 if Luongo had been in net but WHATEV. It was a tough well-fought game on both sides.

Pat Kaleta, do we need to have a talk? Watch those diving penalties, baybay.

Great fight by Petey. Nice to see him throwing the fists rather than just dancing around and then falling over. Yay Petey! I still love you!!!

I hereby commit my heart and soul to Thomas Vanek. Like, for serious, I don't think I've loved a man as much as I love Thomas Vanek right now. SERIOUSLY HAVE MY BABIES. OR I'LL HAVE YOURS IF YOU WANT TO GO THE TRADITIONAL ROUTE.

Big Bear scored a goal!!!!!......on Ryan Miller. I'm not sure how to take that...should I be excited? Well, no, of course not. Should I be mad...? no, especially because we still won.... I'm so all over the place on that goal.



Ahem, moving along: as is evidenced by the poll over at The Goose's Roost, Kotalik appears to be really stepping up his game early on this season. Two goals in one game for his third in 4 games. That's pretty darn sweet, Al. You're still not in my top 5 but you definitely win the Timmy-Max-Al battle of the UFAs.

Things that happened tonight at the Arena that don't happen every night:

  • We have a pool in the commissary where I work. You pay $2 and pick a token out of a cup that has a number on it. If the total number of goals scored in the game matches that number, you win. I pulled the last token: 7. Woooo! 5 Sabres goals and 2 Canucks goals = an extra $20 in my pocket. It was good because tips were a little slow tonight
  • A guy asked to take a picture with me for reasons known only to him
  • I saw a Sedin. I'm not sure which one, but I saw one of them downstairs after the game. He was texting or calling someone or doing something that involved deep concentration on his phone. Maybe he was playing solitaire. I think I saw some other Canucks but it was kind of dark where they were standing so I couldn't ID them.
  • A man threatened (under his breath) to shove me down the stairs if I walked in front of him. Let me point out that the score at the time was 4-1, it was the 3rd period and we were not on the power play. And its the 4th game of the season. CHILLAX.
In other news I'm not sure how I feel about: LA Kings WCB Matt Greene has signed an extension with the Kings. On the one hand, job security RAWKS, but on the other, does that mean Darcy won't make me a happy camper and trade for him? Yes? No? Darcy? Larry? Sabretooth?

On the rest of the games played Friday night:

Columbus WCB, Rick Nash scored 2 goals (yay!) and 2008 Draft Choice, Nikita Filatov, scored his first NHL goal in a 5-3 victory over the Nashville Predators. I think the Preds REALLY lost because I haven't selected a Nashville WCB.

The 'Yotes also lost, probably for the same reason.

My one true Western Conference love (Jarome Iginla) and his Flames lost round 1 of the battle of Alberta, 4-3 to the Edmonton Oilers. Neither Jarome or Oilers WCB, Ethan Moreau scored. :(

Did I mention that our PK is still 100%??!?!?!?!!!!!

I mean on the one hand, we did let in twice as many goals as we have in the past 3 games....

Does anyone else notice you're thinking a lot less about Ryan Miller these days than you did last season?

I know its early, but this goal celebration is creeping into my top moments of the season, hahahaha. This picture is on the list of top photos for sure, haha.

The Carubba Collision of the Game




    Someone put that on a shirt.

  2. Someone put that on a shirt.

    With a GIANT picture of his face. He makes me giggle, hahaha.

  3. Nice work, ladies.

    well, thanks!

  4. *Sigh* Clearly the Sabres were the better team. YAY for you!

    You loved the Big Bear goal :) And you don't have to feel bad because you guys won.

    I can't believe you saw a Sedin! And other mysterious Canucks. You've seen more of my team up close than I have.

    Good job. But I think it would have been closer if the Canucks weren't coming off a back to back (don't wreck my dreams :P )


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