Thursday, September 11, 2008

TGIF, Pommer and Mairsy

by Anne

Did PieYAY not eat all his vegetables, is that why he didn't get to go? Maybe he didn't finish all his homewor Adam Mair is a benevolent dictator of PieYAY's social calendar, and its really all for his own good, right Mairsy? Right.

Oh and I'm gonna be a DUDE right now and say "high-five, Pommer!" your lady is quite the looker. Well done, Pommer! A gentleman as foxy as he is deserves and equally foxy lady.

I lol'd like crazy when they show Adam Mair talking to the big drag queen looking dude, in deep conversation. I WOULD GIVE MY LEFT LEG TO BE IN ON THAT CONVO.

Mairsy is crossing his arms all tough-like to be like "Yo, I am A MAN...

...but how do you get your lipstick to stay on through dinner, I'm just dying for some advice."

ANOTHER POINT FOR ADAM MAIR. This is looking to be a close race for #5.

Fun fact of the day: There are 48 blog posts for this blog tagged with "Jason Pominville", well, make that 49.

Next is "Anne is Crazy" with 38.

This is an excellent indicator for the kind of repartee you encounter when I man the keyboard. Woman the keyboard?



  1. Yo, I concur that Pommer's lady friend Kim is mad foxy. Well done, Pommer.

  2. Give in to the Mairsy love....
    Give in to the Mairsy love....
    Give in to the Mairsy love!

  3. Mairsy's hair is looking a little awkward.

    And I agree Pommer made a good choice with his lady friend. It's definitely an evenly foxy relationship, haha.


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