Thursday, September 11, 2008

Third Jerseys and I Don't Love Adam Mair as Much as He Deserves

by Anne

The Carolina Hurricanes have decided to be the coolest kids in school and unveil their 3rd jerseys before everyone else does. NO ONE LIKES A SHOW OFF, CAM WARD.

Its ok.

I really don't like the blocks on the bottom of the sweater, Its been in uniform designs before and I just don't like it, I prefer stripes or just solid color. The logo is apparently the Hurricane's usual secondary logo. That's fine, its ok, I don't think its particularly appealing or interesting, but whatev, our secondary logo is kind of lame too:

Hopefully the Sabres third jersey that's floating around the internets with the original logo is the real 3rd jersey and the Sabres' 3rd jersey won't be "Brought to You by the Recently Deceased Letter B" this season. I'd say as far as 3rd jerseys go, I'll give the hurricanes 3 stick taps out of 5.

Moving on.

Guys I am such a REBEL! I am skipping my first class EVER...this semester. I just don't understand those people that never skip classes for which attendance is optional. If the professor can't be bothered to take attendance, I can't be bothered to drag my nearly comatose butt out of bed and drive myself to class while still mostly asleep. Its really for the safety of the commuters of Western New York that I'm staying home. I'm all about the greater good here, people. Besides, all we're doing is going over the study guide she posted on like Monday and we already went over in class on Tuesday and we've got like 6 things we need to remember for this test. I LOVE being in a class intended for Freshmen when I've already completed college. Its both totally awesome and incredibly frustrating all in one happy package. We spent most of the first class talking about how important attendance is and how we need to make sure we get a good GPA because employers look at that stuff... yeah, probably not. Toss in the 8:00 am start time and I am just all a-twitter with college-y glee.

Wait, this is a HOCKEY blog? Oh yeah:

I've been reading about the Sabres' pre-training camp skates at the Pepsi Center and it is, of course, making me all girly and squealish with glee to know that ITS TRUE, HOCKEY IS COMING BACK!! It wasn't just a rumor Brian Engblom started when people were questioning why he continues to "rock" that hairstyle, its really coming back!!!

Just think! Soon, we'll have more to talk about than season predictions and crappy 3rd jerseys! THERE WILL BE MATTERS MORE PRESSING THAN MATS SUNDIN TO TALK ABOUT!!!

Pommer acknowledges his contract situation but IS HANDLING IT BETTER THAT SOMEONE I COULD MENTION, BRIAN CAMPBELL. True, the situations aren't exactly the same because Pommer is due to be an RFA next summer, but after the Campbell contract debacle, I'm pretty sure things will get straightened out within the next month. Jason Pominville, in spite being labeled gullible by Danny Briere, seems that he possesses the wherewithal to ensure that non hockey things won't affect how he plays hockey, Brian Campbell. Of course, what the hell do I know about contracts and Brian Campbell's mental conditioning? Not much, let me tell you THAT.

In somewhat Jason Pominville related news, my shortlist of potential #5 favorite Sabres is down to:

Thomas Vanek
Craig Rivet
Andrej Sekera
Adam Mair

John Vogl must've heard about my difficult decision, so in his entry in yesterday's Sabres Edge, he offered this tidbit:

*Adam Mair is a bona fide leader of men. Obviously, there aren't coaches in offseason workouts. But somebody has to take charge. On Tuesday, Mair did a lot of the lifting. He was giving younger players pointers, showing them how to trail at the blue line or cut across at the right time. He's underrated in every aspect.

WHAT? An underrated, tough, leadership-minded forward? AKA MY DREAM MAN? Ok, maybe not my dream man, that title is reserved for George Clooney (the Paul Gaustad of Hollywood, FYI, think about it, its TRUE), but STILL, my hockey dream man? Hmmmmm, I previously expressed my support for Mairsy when he was named an alternate captain after much insistence on my part, which was I'm sure the deciding factor, right Lindy? However, he tends to fall through the cracks in my heart. He does lots off the ice to support the community, working with the SPCA and participating in the SabreKidz Picnic this past summer, and when negotiating his contract in 2007, he declared he fully intended to stay in Buffalo, and then he did just that. ROCKIN'.

Why has Adam Mair been so wholly neglected by me?? I really have no idea why. He's been a Sabre for like 7 years (he was on the cover of that 2002 NHL Preview thing my sister found), he's the "works hard and doesn't expect a lot of fanfare" style player. AND he walks around tossing out dangerous words like "Stanley Cup" and "Win" and "Hockey" during interviews. He's the strong but silent REBEL who pushes the envelope. He's good with the younger players as reported by John Vogl and is visible in some mic'd up footage from 2 seasons ago where he's working with Staffy that might still be floating around the dregs of the Sabres video archives. All in all, what's not to love about Adam Mair? Really, nothing.

I shall aim to remedy this neglect this season. I vow to spend more time verbally lovin' up Adam Mair, and please remind me if I forget to.

How far can our love go, Adam Mair, how far?


  1. Allow yourself to love Adam and possibly move into your 5th spot. He is so underappreciated and strangely attractive. I'm not sure what I see in him, but he's kinda cute.

  2. the old logo is sweet but I dig the B with the Sabre. Really though, anything is better than the slug.

    Carolina's hockey stick hurricane flag is kinda neat. It's better than the swirling toilet hurricane logo. blhaaaah.

    I'm always a little wary of 3rd jerseys. They seem to either be really cool or hideous.

  3. I agree, i like the new canes look but the new sabre one is a bit childish.


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