Sunday, June 1, 2008

OMG Heart Attack

by Anne

I just realized that this might be (read: definitely is) the last night of the 2007-2008 hockey season. This most dreaded of all times comes every season, yet every season it catches we hockey fans by total shock and surprise.

What in God's name do we do when there's no hockey? I imagine not update this thing as often.

Play a lot of stupid computer games? Go for lengthy walks? Talk to the friends and family that don't watch hockey, whom we neglect during the season? Do things other than watch sporting events on TV?

I should've waited to move until AFTER hockey season, that way it would've given me something to think about.

Oscar is utterly devastated by the impending death of the 2008 playoffs.

He can't even lift his head

I just don't know what to do...

The Tampa Bay Rays beat the White Sox again. Still #1 in the AL... only behind the Cubs for the top record in Major League Baseball.

Still don't really care that much.

I moved on Saturday. I don't think Oscar has sat down longer than 3 minutes the entire time we've been here. There's just so much to explore. He makes me nervous because when things are new he doesn't eat on a regular basis. He'll eat when he's hungry, I know. Lord knows he won't starve. Haha. He's never been in a house where there are windows on the street and he's totally fascinated/kind of freaked out by cars when they drive by. He doesn't deal well with noises. He climbed up the screen on our screen door. That was pretty entertaining. Other than that, he's pretty chill. He did pass out next to me last night as I was writing this, so I suppose that's a good sign.

I suppose I'll have to go with the original plan of obsessively following signings, non-signings, trades and drafts by Ye Olde Buffaloe Sabrese this summer. Boo.

I suppose I could organize my belongings into their new homes. Although, it won't take me THAT long to figure out where to hang my standings tracker or if I should put my bookshelf or my chest of drawers next to the window.

Boooooooo. The end of the playoffs STINKS. Ok, well, it only STINKS if the team you're rooting for is losing. Last season I temporarily fell in love with the Ducks, but that fling was shortlived as the only reason I was cheering for them was because they were playing the Senators, and, I was really cheering AGAINST the Senators more than I was cheering FOR the Ducks. Sigh.

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