Monday, June 2, 2008


by Anne

I know we've probably all seen this "item" available at the NHL store on

But, if any of you ever become the proud owner of this "purse" or one of its tacky brethren, you can just go ahead and assume I never want to talk to you again, and, in fact, will deny ever being appraised of your existence.


  1. I'd like to meet the idiot that designed this and thought it was a great item. Wonder how many they've sold?

  2. Was any market research done on these things?

    I, personally, would perhaps purchase a messenger bag or something like that adorned with the Sabres logo, but a tin can purse complete with rhinestone embellishments? I think not,

  3. Wow...Yet another perpetuation of the "female hockey fan" stereotype we try SO HARD to tear down. If I actually saw someone carrying this, I would laugh, like I do when I see the dreaded pink jersey. My sister and I have our motto to live by: "Pink jerseys deny your fanhood" - I guess this applies, too.

  4. oh my gosh how could you SAY such a thing? I have 4 of those- one for each of my fav teams- the Sabres, Red Wings, Devils and Blue Jackets. That way, no matter who I'm cheering for, I'll be in STYLE!

    Okay *gaghurl* no thanks. That is LAME and stupid and geez what a waste of good logo/branding fees. IDIOTS!

    ANd Yes, I agree that the pink jerseys are an affront to decent hockey fans everywhere. *unless said jerseys are part of a breast cancer awareness campaign thing and are game worn and auctioned. Then I could feel it*

  5. And the pink jerseys are for 12 year olds.

  6. And Jessica Simpson.

    Last one I swear.

  7. its actually not that bad. better than t he pink jessica simpson s

  8. Yea, I agree. Pink is for little girls and Sidney Crosby.


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