Thursday, May 8, 2008

Um, Excuse Me

by Anne

To the person who is posting links to our blog on that gross hockey players girlfriend's forum:

Please stop. It's not me or S(h)ara and we don't want people to think that we endorse that ridiculousness. I only found it because I wanted a good laugh, and instead I'm kind of annoyed. Especially because the link was directing people directly back to posts about Goose.

Please stop.

Also, this DIRECT QUOTE from a post I did not long ago:

Danny and Fiancee are getting married in July of 2009. How cute, he probably didn't want to conflict with Vanek and Petey's nuptials...

Yo, if it's someone who reads this and comments and is cool, that's fine, you don't need to say that's you or whatever, I don't care, just stop. It's just really weird to see this stuff written other places.


  1. Wow, creepy AND plagerize-y. Um, that board is a never-ending source of amazement.

    and I am totally not meaning that in the "good" way....

  2. M.J. - There was a link to a post you did about Timmy on his forum, did you do that?

  3. My blog ended up on the Crunchy board awhile ago (not posted by me). In addition, they ripped off a Soupy photo I had on my blog at the beginning of the season.

    Not cool people, not cool.

  4. People really amaze me sometimes...

    and, like M.J., I don't mean that in the good way...

  5. M.J. - There was a link to a post you did about Timmy on his forum, did you do that?

    HAHAHAHAHA THERE IS?????? OH MAN. No, I was completely ignorant of that hilarious fact. As much as I am a big advocate for self-promotion and all that,even *I* have my standards.

    ok, no that's a lie, I have no standards whatsoever but nah, it wasn't me. Although now I am going to go look.....

    If I'm not back in five minutes send help.


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