Monday, May 5, 2008

I Think That Game in Dallas Might Still be Going On

by Anne

Bye Habs! Thanks for coming! Don't let the door hit ya on the way out!

I'll admit, I picked the Habs to take the Flyers, but I was the most on the fence about this series. I almost went with the Flyers in 6, but decided I'd go with the #1 team over #6. I picked wrong. Whoops. I'm already over it.


Um, but blowing that 2 goal lead was NOT cool. Good thing you won it at home, or Sidney the 9 week old penguin at the Pittsburgh National Aviary would've been very very upset, as would I.

I love that Jarkko Ruutu's taunting of Jagr drew a kissy face from Jagr. I laughed a lot. Jarkko Ruutu PWNS Jagr and his vag-esque facial hair. They have such on-ice malice for each other that I bet they're secretly pining for each other off the ice. They're only angry to hide their feelings. They can't let it be seen in public, the world isn't ready for their love. Some day boys, some day.

This picture just sent Ruuts over the edge:

This picture hangs in Ruuts' stall. He says it's cuz he hates him, but when no one looks, he kisses it and calls it "heila"

It was a little disconcerting how bothered I was by seeing Slaggy bleed all over the place. Props to Slaggy for sucking it up. Too bad he couldn't be clutch with stitches in his cheek. Ohhhhh! Burn. Wish you were back in the Little League World Series? Boo-ya! Also, props to Brandon Dubinsky for attempting to help the ice crew scrape up the blood with his skate. Gross.

OMGAH A PHILLY/PITTSBURGH ECF. Wow. That's going to be INTENSE. Fortunately, there are no sexy Flyers, so there will be NO Flyers playoff boyfriend. I have a boyfriend on the other 3 teams, so ONE of them will make it in to the Finals.

I seriously love my cat a lot. He's totally adorable and freaks out during hockey games because I'm blogging and yelling and not playing with him.

The video of Brenden Morrow being the worst soccer player ever was pretty awesome. I was already taking a shine to Cap'n Morrow but that video pushed me close to the brink of new Dallas Stars boyfriend. Brad Richards still has that title, but Cap'n could take it.


I really thought that game wasn't ever going to end. Is there a point at which the NHL would just end the game because it's gotten totally ridiculous? I mean, I'm sure the answer to that question is NO! Someone eventually is going to literally fall asleep on the ice and the game will just end.

It was really amazing watching the fatigue build on the faces of those players, but, I'm sure, never once did any of them consider quitting. Playoff hockey! Wooooo!

I'm highly conflicted about how I feel about the outcome of these Conference Finals series. Ok, that's not true at all. I want both Dallas and Pittsburgh to win. However, I've taken such a shine to Dallas, that if they do manage to face Pittsburgh in the Finals, it'll be difficult for me to cheer against them with any kind of real feeling of malice.

Thus is my plight. If Philly manages to squeak by the Pens and the Wings defeat the Stars, I don't think I'll even bother watching. I'd have to try waaayyy too hard to muster some sort of playoff goggles for the Red Wings and that's just not something I'm prepared to do. And, as much as I love Marty and still have HockeyFeelings for Danny, I can't in good faith cheer for Steve Downie, Jeff Carter or Scott Hartnell.

Anyhoot. On to the WC (and by WC I mean World Championships, not Water Closet):

Canada won 7-0 with Roysie getting an assist! Wooo! Rick Nash, Dany Heatley and Getzy are a wicked intense line. Is anyone surprised? They're all on the top or near the top of their teams' stats every season. You know a team has a lot of offensive talent when Roysie has only 1 point when 12 goals have been scored.

Anyone who thinks Canada isn't going to win this thing needs to go home and think about things for a while.

Chris Kunitz is 6' tall? Yeah, right. And Roysie is 5'9". Pah.

Kotalik scored a PP goal in a 5-4 loss to Russia. Wooo Kotalik!

Um, Dmitri Kalinin leads all of Team Russia in ice time and shifts. He has 2 assits and is a +4 with 0 PIM. So who exactly is wearing Kalinin's sweater and masquerading as him? Anyway, well done, Dmitri.

This appears to be Dmitri Kalinin...

Woo! A 5-1 win for Team USA!

Kaner opened the scoring and Staffers and Pommer each had an assist! Wooo!

It's hard to see, but Staffers and Pommer are bench buddies

Thank goodness Team USA finally scored even strength. It shows that they actually can, lol.

From the game blog: Stafford also tossed a Slovenian into the bench with a big hit. Haha, he does that a lot.

From Adam Burish's blog: I hope I don’t get Kaner too mad in saying this because he was pretty good out there too, but Tim was our best player that night.

I can imagine Kaner having a huge diva-fit "What do you mean you think Tim Tom was BETTER? I was the first over all pick! I'm only 19! He's OLD! Look at those forehead wrinkles! BAH! Forget you, Burish! I'll be in my luxury first-overall suite with Ovie watching our highlight tapes with the hookers. Gilbert! Call me when you want to get cheap pizza!"

Team Latvia has yet to score a goal in this tournament. They were blanked by Team USA on Friday and were blanked again today by Denmark. Ouch.

Yo, Tim Tom's pads TOTES clash with his uni

Private to Paul Gaustad:

Some dude offered me your phone number on Saturday night and talked about how he calls you when you do something good. I declined his offer. I think that goes above and beyond the call of duty to have your personal information at my beck and call.

Love and I told you I wasn't a Stalkers,

Private to Brian Campbell:

At least it wasn't "puck over the glass" this time.



  1. Wow, the Sabres website actually decided to start following world's! Wooooo!

  2. This picture hangs in Ruuts' stall. He says it's cuz he hates him, but when no one looks, he kisses it and calls it "heila"

    That image is freakin' hilarious!!

    Brenden Morrow is totally my Western Conference bf...until every time I see Iggy on that Versus commercial.

    Private to Brian Campbell,

    Karma's a bitch. I guess this game won't be very "memorable" for you either now, huh?


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