Thursday, April 3, 2008

From the Mouths of Babes

by Anne

Tonight I was babysitting and the 6 year old summed everything up perfectly:

Nico: The Sabres are ...(long pause)...bad at this.

I tried not to find it amusing, but I laughed out loud.

I enjoy how, instead of, I don't know, playing hockey, the players just decided to start beating the crap out of each other. What was up with LaPierre spearing Patty downtown? Was that really necessary? Your team was up 3-0.

They showed Adam Mair on the bench sadly leaning his head against his stick. I can't believe that I actually don't feel bad about that.

Ok, why does everyone keep talking about how well they played in the 3rd period? Where was that effort in the first 2 periods, or, for the REST OF THE SEASON for that matter?

Whatev, its over. One more game. Ottawa will probably get in.

Montreal is creeping up on my list of teams that I don't like after tonight's game.

I look forward to next season.

So, as far as the playoffs are concerned:

Go Pens!

Go Caps!

Go Ducks!

Go 'Hawks! They might get in!

I really really really really want Kaner to win the rookie scoring title. I think Price will get the Calder, but I want Kaner to get the scoring title. Woo!


  1. aww the Sabres! I have to feel a little bad for them because I don't think the deliberately had bad games, they just couldn't seem to get organized at the right times.

    and Mair made me want to cry because he looked SOOOO sad!

    This game was pretty rough- how about Yo-Yo mixin it up? Whoa. And I thought Goose was going to lose it on Kovalev, he was pretty fired up.

    Poor Royzie got dropped SO MANY times it wasn't funny. I think they were afraid of him, he did have about a zillion scoring chances- and drew at least 3 penalties, including BOTH of the guys who were in the box when the Sabres scored the one goal. That's an accomplish. And it DEFINETLY wasn't diving tonight, whatever Derek's checkered past might be.
    (*hey, it's not his fault he's tiny and gets thrown around like a rag doll, LOL*)

    I cannot every cheer for the Penguins or the Ducks, but I could muster up a little love for the Caps, since I dig Ovie and Fedorov is an old school fav in my house. I could feel a little love for the 'Hawks too (though don't tell my Red Wings counterparts) since I have several friends who are diehard Blackhawks fans and they ahve been through some seriously rough times.

    My boys are the Wings and the Devils. Always have been, always will be.. unless they play Buffalo, then it's Sabres all the way.

    and remember, we have one more game with the boys before they leave us.

  2. *wow please excuse my grevious errors in that post, I'm a little tired*
    I meant to say..

    "that's an accomplishment...",


    "I cannot ever, (not every) cheer for the Penguins or the Ducks..."

    Yeesh. I need to go to bed before I make myself look like a worse idiot! ;)


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