Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Hope The Sabres Were Squirming During Those Games

by Anne

1) Bruins LOST, Go Zachy P! Brother of Staffy's BFFL

2) Flyers LOST, Go SID THE KID! 2 Goals! Clinching the Atlantic! I'm so proud of my #2 team!

3) Manuel was eliminated from Top Chef which is too bad, he seemed palatable and non-offensive, I thought he might last longer. Stephanie is my favorite, followed by Andrew.

4) Kaner scored tonight! P.S. Kaner is totally BAMF in the shootout, for those who haven't noticed. Hey Kaner! Wanna come shoot some goals for the hometown team. He's scored in 7 of 9 attempts. Our best? Kotalik is like 3/12. That last statbit was totally made up, but probably isn't too far off.

5) S(h)ara and I went shopping tonight and discussed our glee about the Sens possible elimination and our hopes for the future of players contracts.

6) S(h)ara and I were hurling "what would you do if" playoff scenarios. I came up with San Jose v. New York in the SCF. S(h)ara countered with Philly v. NYR in the ECF. She won the morally conflicted battle.


8) I truly feel there is no way we can beat Montreal tomorrow.


10) Danny Pie-YAY is injured. I'd be more concerned if we were going to make the playoffs.

11) They're televising the Draft Drawing on Monday night. I'm excited to watch. We get 2 1st rounders. Wooo!

12) Apparently Timmy has NOT been traded to the Avalanche as I believed was the case. Gary Bettman must've been onto Darcy's plan.

13) SISSY COMES BACK TOMORROW! Who sits? Patches?

14) Mairsy reportedly missed practice to attend a funeral. :( He may terrify me in a "I don't want to meet him in a dark alley...then again what is a 22 year old girl doing alone in a dark alley anyway?" way, but I still like him.

Good times. I'm working on my list of UFAs and RFAs and all that good off-season stuff. Woop. That and our top moments of the season list.


  1. Stephanie is my favorite too but I also really like Mark. Or maybe I'm fascinated by his accent. But I think I really like him.


  2. You only like Mark for his name! Ha, jk. I do totally enjoy his accent, I loved when he was saying all those movie titles and Ryan was like "WTF are you talking about?" I like Ryan, but I don't feel too strongly about him. It's still early, but I'm thinking this'll be a really close season.

  3. Many people have said Mair is super nice. He does look like an evil gym teacher though.

    I used to watch Top Chef, but now I watch Iron Chef.

  4. no Danielleia, he looks like the JOKER!!

    but I did feel bad for Mair tonight, he looked like he was going to CRY!


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