Monday, April 14, 2008

Big Love for Big Bear

by Anne


"I was here for 16 games and for those games I played hard, I did the best I could and hopefully that was enough,” he continued. “I’m sad to leave Buffalo for the offseason but I will try to get ready for next year with the Sabres.”

Yo, BIG BEAR, please come back. Please?!?! You're saying all the right things. You can't POSSIBLY be sad to leave Buffalo, but thanks for saying it anyway! (Although, to those who hightail it out of here, Buffalo summers are totally awesome). Your article is catching me at a time when I'm looking for love. No Sabres in the playoffs, I've basically forgiven the team for that... its allowed me to see the other fish in the sea. And now I'm feeling the unsatisfying love of other teams. (J-Rome, you'll tide me over just fine, but its not the same).

Please let this mean he's coming back! I was pretty confident we'd keep him when he became an RFA this summer. I love Big Bear, I think its because he's unspeakably adorable in interviews and he likes to hit people and those two don't generally go together. And he seems like he's a little dim, but for those who know me, I likes 'em dim.


I think one of my favorite things about Big Bear is his eyebrows

Big Bear! Let's eat chicken wings and you can teach me how to make poutine! I don't really speak French but I can pronounce it well according to my college professor! We can work on your English and my French! I don't care if you may or may not have a girlfriend! It can be strictly platonic! Although you are high on my list of Sabres that look like they'd be excellent cuddlers. Also on that list? Danny Pie-YAY and Pommerdoodle. Not on that list? Ryan Miller and Maxim Afinogenov.
Everyone get some trout and wave it towards Quebec so Big Bear will smell it and follow the scent back to Buffalo for training camp!


  1. Big Bear really is too cute! Just like your cuddle list, I developed a snuggle list this season. Big Bear is definitely on there, but Pommers tops my list. Also featured are Yo-Yo, Pie-YAY, Patches, and, this may seem contraditcory, Goose and Kaleta. The two of them seem so scary on the ice, but they have some serious snuggle-potential off the ice. I have a thing for big hitters with big hearts.

    I would love to snuggle Ryan, but I don't think he would want to snuggle back (plus, there's not much there to snuggle!)

  2. My whole cuddle list is much longer than just Big Bear and Pie-YAY too, but I was on the fence with Kaleta. I feel like Ryan Miller is all elbows, lol.

  3. I think if I tried to snuggle Ryan I would break him, and I'm not that big. lol

    Kaleta seems like he's one of those guys that is a beast while playing but a total teddy bear when he's just being Patty.

    And I'm sure this has already been noted, but I'm watching the Pens/Sens game (the 1st one I've gotten to see) and little Sid looks mighty cuddle-worthy with his new scruff! =)

  4. Sid looks like he'd be an excellent cuddler. Especially with his awkward "fourth musketeer" scruff.

  5. "fourth musketeer scruff"= that is the best thing I've heard all day. totally hilarious!

    poutine is some damn good food!

    Yay Big Bear. Come back!!

  6. I hear Darcy really wants to sign Gerbe! Yes.

    I do like Big Bear, a lot. He seems very snuggle-y.

    I'm not sure what "poutine" is, but if he eats it, it's probably good.


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