Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And on the 6th Day...

by Anne

Pens v. Sens (Pens win 4-1, lead series 3-0)
Wings v. Preds (Preds win 5-3, Wings lead series 2-1)
Wild v. Avs (Wild win 3-2, 1st OT, lead series 2-1)

Pittsburgh at Ottawa:

Waaa-hooooo!!!!! Take THAT, stupid Roman Gladiator! So I ended up being wrong about both Alfie and J-Spezz. They both played and both sucked. At the beginning of the playoffs if you'd asked me to pick a series that would be a sweep, I would've probably picked Montreal over Boston or Detroit over Nashville. Not that the Pens are guaranteed a sweep, but they have just completely pwned the Sens thus far. Congrats to Boston and Nashville for pulling a one game David and Goliath. Most likely neither of you will win your series, but good on ya. You look better than the Sens!

I enjoyed the shot of the Pens in Scotiabank Place warming up next to the giant wall-sized photograph outside their dressing room of the Sens eliminating them last season. Ha-ha! (Nelson style)

Congrats! Sid the Kid gets his first goal of the playoffs! And, like his Russian rival, it was of the tie-breaking, game winning first goal variety. Now its guaranteed to be all anyone will talk about until something else crazy happens. At least this'll take some focus away from Avery and his new rule. HA! What a toolshed.

Dear Evgeni Malkin,

As much I as enjoy you and your vacant facial expressions and penchant for goal scoring, there is one thing about you I don't enjoy: your oral fixation problem. Why must you chew on everything in sight? Your sweater's right sleeve, your sweater's left sleeve, your necklace- why don't you have a mouthguard or some gum? What's next? Your stick? Gloves? Teammate? Its more than kind of gross. Work on that.

Love and smooches,

Ok, who forgot to pick up Geno?...

Congrats to my temporary "we" team! Woooo! Hossa scored his last playoff goal exactly 4 years ago to the day, and he was a Sen at the time. Sweet. Thanks for that tidbit, CBC.

Predators v. Red Wings

I watched the last 8 minutes or so which was enough time to watch the Preds tie it and then win. That was cool. Thats the only 8 minutes I've watched this series and I brought good luck to the Preds.

Hasek had to be so pissed when he was screened in by his own teammates and the Preds scored. He likes being able to see the long shots. Whoops. I don't miss Hasek. I miss old school Hasek, not his current crotchety incarnation. I do miss the hot sauce though.

Wild v. Avs

This game was kind of boring, not gonna lie. I hate games with 1 goal leads that drag on and on, because, usually, and especially in the playoffs, 1 goal leads quickly become ties or 2 goal leads.

I watched until it became 2-2. I would've watched the end, but then I remembered that I don't really care who wins this one, so I went to bed. I am glad to see the Wild win, but that's only because I had to choose a team to root for.

On the Sabres front:

Dear Darcy,

The Coyotes signed their Hobey Baker winner to an entry level contract yesterday. I know you like to keep these things close to the vest until they're final, and I appreciate that, but COULD YOU PLEASE ANNOUNCE THAT WE'VE SIGNED RUNNER UP AND MVP OF THE FROZEN FOUR, NATHAN GERBE TO AN ENTRY-LEVEL DEAL ASAP?!

Thanks, that'd be super.

Loves and kisses,


Tonight it's Montreal at Boston (MTL 2-1) Washington at Philly (Tied 1-1), Anaheim at Dallas (DAL 2-0) and San Jose at Calgary (CGY 2-1).

Go Habs! Go...Caps? Go...Stars Ducks Stars? Go FLAMES!

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  1. "Your sweater's right sleeve, your sweater's left sleeve, your necklace- why don't you have a mouthguard or some gum? What's next? Your stick? Gloves? Teammate? Its more than kind of gross. Work on that."

    Haha! I was totally commenting on that to my sister last night! It was a cute little quirk when it was just his sleeve (it made him look even more like a slightly-dim puppy)...but then it was the necklace, which was just too much for me. I used to say that Pommerdoodle had an oral fixation thing with the constant mouth-guard chewing, but Geno takes the cake!!

    I can see it now: "No, Geno! No chewing the puck! Geno, sticks are not food! Geno! Put Sidney down!"

    Go Flames! Yay for Iggy loveliness!


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