Monday, April 14, 2008

Day 5

by Anne

MTL v BOS (Bos wins 2-1, 1st OT MTL leads series 2-1)
PHI v. WSH (Philly wins 2-0, series tied 1-1)
NJD v NYR (Devs win 4-3, 1st OT, Rangers lead series 2-1)
SJS v CGY (Flames win 4-3, lead series 2-1)

I had a whole post started earlier in the day about the yawn fest that was the Philly/Caps game. All Mike Milbury, Pierre, Doc and Edzo could talk about was not how well the Flyers were playing, but how poorly AO was playing.

Whatever, who cares, that's not why I'm here.


I totally stayed up til 1:00 a.m. to watch the end. I loved that game a lot. It was completely awesome.

Mad props to CuJo. Mikka was having an off-night and you TOTALLY got his back. CuJo had a crizazy save in the 3rd that I just couldn't believe didn't go in the net. Woooo! At the end when he came out after being named one of the games' stars, he tossed his stick into the crowd. That's totally awesome. Well done, CuJo, that's going to be a crazy awesome addition to anyone's collection of Flames memorabilia. I hope some kid got it.

Cory Sarich totally made that comeback happen. What a HIT on Marleau. I know that its frequently said that physical play and hard hits change the momentum of the game, and never was that more apparent than in last night's game. Clean hit on home ice against the opposing captain that totally threw him off his game. He wasn't injured, just a bloody nose and a cut, but nothing a manly man hockey player should whine about, and he didn't, which is a testament to the toughness of Patrick Marleau.

It was so great. Definitely my favorite game of the playoffs thus far. I tried to keep it cool when they scored the 4th goal so as to not scare my cat, but it didn't work. He was sleeping on my arm at the time, and didn't take too kindly to any of my celebrations, big or small. I keep telling him he should be used to it by now, but he disagrees. I'm sure by this time next season he'll be as used to my celebration of hockey goals as my dogs are of my mother's exuberant cry of joy when which ever team she's cheering for scores a touchdown.

My highlights of the game, other than Sarich's hit and the goals, were the mid play-by-play reference to Big Joe and Soupy's longtime friendship and then, later on, how they went on and on about how Soupy and Big Joe have mostly been shut down in this series. Oh how the tides have turned. Next game they'll probably combine for a powerplay goal and then they'll be redeemed in the eyes of NHL commentators the world over and they'll make several references to the importance of childhood friendships and red hair.

Go Flames!

Day 6 features Ry-ry taking on a J-Spezz-less Ottawa team in Ottawa. Look out, boys, home ice 3rd games tend to be detrimental to 2-0 series leads.

Detroit at Nashville at 7:30. Whatevs.

Then, the other exciting battle in the West continues with Minnesota at Colorado. Wooo!

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    (Raises hand) PICK ME!!

    That was by far the best playoff game I've watched this season! I may be exhausted in class today, but it was totally worth it! I don't think I've cheered that hard for a non-Sabre team in a long time.

    I'm a big fan of big hits, so, for today at least, Cory Sarich is my new boyfriend! You could almost feel the tide begin to turn in that one moment, and that's something I really love about hockey.

    I'm so glad you noticed the side commentary as well. I personally loved "Campbell passes to his childhood friend..." I was waiting for "Campbell dishes the puck to his soulmate who he thought he lost forever" Which made it even better when some of the final words of the game were "Campbell turns the puck over". I love that he is finally showing his true skills as an "offensive" (ie. non-defending) defenseman.

    I was waiting for a Western Team to steal my heart, and now I think finally found one! Thanks J-Rome!!


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