Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday Tuesday

by Anne

So I didn't go to work yesterday as I was driving back to Buffalo from Chambersburg, PA, so today feels like Monday to me. At least I know that it is, infact, Tuesday, and not the reverse. There's nothing worse than thinking something annoying is almost over, only to find out it 's continuing.

Huh, that's roughly how I feel about the Buffalo Sabres' season.

Anyway, so the Habs did beat the Sens last night, but they beat them 7-5 after blowing a 7-1 lead. Um, that's BAD, Montreal, BAD. So what does this mean for the game tonight?

Well, as Amy at Shots off the Crossbar has already highlighted, the Sabres are prepping newSabre Big Bear for the Ottawa game, by explaining their feelings towards the boys from his nation's capital:
“We hate those [expletive] guys,” one of Bernier’s teammates chimed in.

My guess is it was Staffy. Anyone else have guesses?

Ugh, the Pens lost to the ISLANDERS last night. With Wade Dubielewicz in net. WHO? Whatev, excellent showing, Mr. Dubielewicz.

Don't worry Pens, that win would've only GUARANTEED YOU A PLAYOFF SPOT. That's ok, those aren't important. It's highly unlikely they'll be knocked out, however, the word "guarantee" is always nice.

I almost envy the Islanders. They're guaranteed to miss the playoffs, so this is a great time to be a young player. This is when the young guys get ice time. Like, who the hell is the Islanders back up back up goaltender? Apparently it's Joey MacDonald, who? Exactly, but in a situation like this, hell, put the guy out there, what do we have to lose? That's why young guys like Kyle Okposo can come up. He can fill a role vacated due to injuries and he can get plenty of on-ice NHL experience when it doesn't really matter too much for the team if he screws up. BTW, Kyle Okpsoso scored his first NHL goal against that Saucy Minx, Martin Brodeur. That's pretty sweet.

Not that the Islanders are playing for nothing. They're playing for pride. I'm sure their pride is showing after last night's win against the evil monster that is Evgeni Malkin.

I find it interesting that Versus went on and on about how much better the Penguins have been playing without Sid the Kid, and, lo and behold, once they start flapping their gums, a painful, lazy, stupid loss without Sid. He should be back for the next game, tonight against New Jersey.

Do we think the Penguins are pulling a Tom Brady on us all? The Pens are on a hot streak lately, could they be saving Sid for the playoff push? I don't think so, but nothing is totally out of the question.

So, the Sens lost 7-5 last night, true, but they also scored 4 goals in the 3rd. I'm sure the Habs were kind of laying back in the 3rd. It's hard to blow a 6 goal lead, right? Well, yes, and they didn't totally blow it, but they came awfully close to blowing it. Is that kind of loss energizing or disheartening? The Sens had a solid effort for the last 20. Too bad their goaltending SUCKS. After the first, they pulled Gerber and put in Emery, and that didn't go much better for them.

I honestly can't believe the Senators have had the successes they've had with their goaltending situation, meaning they have 2 back up goaltenders playing as starters. Gerber and Emery can be good, but neither of them are going to backstop a team to the Cup. AND the Sens lost 5-4 to Toronto the game before. They win games by allowing a lot of goals, but by scoring more. And they haven't been scoring more lately. That's why so many Senators games have the other team scoring more than 3 goals: becuase their goaltending SUCKS, but their top line can produce goals. At least we have solid goaltending. We may not win as many games, but at least it's not because we can't find a decent goaltender. We have a freakin' sweet goaltender.


What up, Hobey Baker Award?

StormTroopers aka Anne's Most Hated Team @ HSBC Arena, 7:00, bring your game face.


  1. woohoo Ryan Miller.

    Ottawa sucks. Bottom line. I hope we own them like we did back in February with that fat 5-1 win. That was probably the best game I've seen the Sabres play all year.

    You don't remember Wade "I stepped in for DiP last year and won some big games going into the playoffs" Dubielewicz?

    The isles had Joey MacDonald as their backup? He used to be in the Red Wings system.. in fact I saw him play a game for them here in BUffalo back in 2003 or something, and he was a regular with the Toledo Storm a few years back. (Yeah I know far too much about minor league hockey) I didn't know he had left for the Island.. heh

    um.. I think that's about it.

    Let's Go Buffalo!

  2. Ha, I forgot about Dubie's clutch performances. You'd think I would've been more interested as they were the team we were going to face in the first round.

    I am sad to say I know painfully little about non NHL hockey, other than some of the AHL clubs, and that the Amerks stink out loud. I also follow the World Juniors and the Winter Olympics, but that's about it.


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