Monday, March 24, 2008

Back in the B-Lo

by Anne

So, will the Sabres make the playoffs?

Let's see:

We have 2 games left against Ottawa and in this season so far we are 2-3-1 earning 5 of 12 points.

2 left against Boston; in the previous 5 we're 2-2-2 earning 6/12 points.

2 left against Montreal; in the previous 6 we're 3-3-0, earning 6/12.

1 left against Toronto; in the previous 7 we're 4-3-0, earning 8/14.

Overall against our division we're 11-11-3 earning 25 of 48 pts. That means we'll most likely sit around .500 in our remaining games. Assuming that's the case, let's say we get 8 points, giving us 89. Last season's 8th seed had 92, the year before? also 92. That probably means we need at least 10 points or better.

Yo, putting it in that scope is almost too much to handle or figure out.

Clearly, of those games, the Boston games are the most crucial as they're the only team ahead of us that we could catch and they sit in our playoff spot at the moment. Speaking of which, the Canadiens are currently beating the Sens. Go Habs!

However, the Caps also have a slew of divisional games left and, in case you hadn't noticed, the South East Division sucks. Therefore, it is likely that the Caps will earn more points than we will.

Guys, it's not looking good. I really don't think we're going to make the playoffs. However, (and this is why I love hockey, and all sports for that matter) they'll be back again next year, and I feel good about our future. Let's hope this off-season goes well.

Speaking of which, I hope we dump Kalinin in this off season. He's $2 million we could use elsewhere. And by elsewhere I mean Pratt, Pie-YAY, Goose and Big Bear.

I hope Teppo comes back for one more season.

There better be lots o' contract extensions signed before July 1, 2009. We stand to lose:


We also stand to lose the Soviet Bomber, but unless he's more Bomber-like next season, I really don't want to re-sign him.

What are the odds we'll keep all 4 of them? Of most importance to the team (at the time of this writing) are Pommer and Millsy. I, of course, will be sad to lose any of them. There will also be everyone's favorite: trade-deadline moves. But, next season's player movements are for after this season is over.

Moving on, I'm handing the Atlantic Division of my heart to Ryan Malone of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Pretty Ricky is out, and even though I still love him, I need at least 1 ECDB (Eastern Conference Divisional Boyfriend) to make a strong playoff push. Sorry, Lindy.

On the no-touch icing debate, poor Kurtis Foster. Watching the footage it's totally clear Torrey Mitchell had no intention of harming Kurtis Foster, staying with him until he was taken off the ice and giving him a reassuring pat on the shoulder as they lifted him out. But you can't blame Torrey Mitchell, I don't think anyone really is, he was just doing his job. He got a tripping penalty...but I think that was kind of a brownie tossed at the Minnesota team. He didn't trip him, and he also didn't cross-check him, his stick was not between him and Foster when they collided.

The USHL has an imaginary line that crosses the face-off dots and the first player that crosses that line in pursuit of the puck, determines whether or not there is icing, there is no need to touch the puck.

I agree with Keith Jones that touch-up icing is exciting, but maybe they should move the line to that imaginary face-off dots line. That way, they're still fighting for it, but the battle can begin further from the boards. Just a thought from someone who's never played hockey.


  1. yeah I just dont want to think too much about the points and the opponents thing. One game at a time. that way we stay sane. ;)

    And I totally, 100% without a doubt in my mind think that the NHL should have NO TOUCH ICING! Every other damn level of hockey has it. Touch-up icing can and does lead to dangerous situations. It usually isn't intentional or malicious but 2 guys racing to the puck and running (face first) into the boards (haha) is NOT GOOD.

    Those talking heads can whine all they want about how it slows down the game but they are full of crap. I've watched a couple hundred games at the ECHL/AHL and NCAA Divison I level and the no-touch icing doesn't effect the flow of the game at all, other than to prevent badnessss.

    /steps off soapbox. ;)

  2. Ha, I enjoy soapbox commenting, I've been known to do that as well.

    I don't think no-touch icing would slow things down much at all. I don't see how touch-up icing keeps the game flowing. The second a defenseman touches it, it's over. I'd say more than 1/2 the time, there is no race to the puck anyway, the defenseman just gets there ahead of another player.


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