Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fuck you, Sabres, Fuck you

by Anne

After that fucking fiasco, they do not deserve to be in the playoffs.

I have never been more angry at the Sabres than I am right now.

I take back everything bad I said about the Senators goaltending and everything good I said about ours.


  1. I had the "pleasure" of being at that game tonight and I seriously felt like every single player hit me in the head with a shovel. Repeatedly. What the hell, people? WHAT THE HELL?!

  2. I seriously got so mad I threw my phone at the wall. Actual physical outbursts of my anger are extremely rare. Miller needs to sit. I'm sorry, but we're basically screwed now, and we might as well save him the mental anguish.

    I seriously feel hungover right now, I woke up with a pounding headache. It's probably my sinuses, they always get this way in Spring, but I'm going to blame the Sabres.


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