Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I slightly Forgive you, Ryan Miller

by Anne

but only because I am currently enjoying Breakaway Berrier.

it's quite tasty.

But I'm still mad at you.

The container:

And the verdict....


I really didn't think I was going to like it, but I really do. It's quite tasty. Well done, Millsey, at least you did SOMETHING right tonight.

Edit: MK was kind of bleeding profusely after cutting her finger on a broken glass, and she took time away from attending to her wound to eat TWO bowls of Breakaway Berrier. That is dedication to both Ryan Miller and ice cream in general.

For real though, its really really good. I like the Dark Chocolate-ness. I don't like Perry's chocolate ice cream, but I thoroughly enjoy Dark Chocolate Breakaway Berrier.


  1. hmm. I like raspberries. I'm okay with dark chocolate. I almost bought some yesterdy at Tops but it wasn't on sale and I dont really like ice cream all that much. *weird, I know* so maybe next time it's on sale I'll buy some..

    why don't they have it in pints? grrrr.


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