Wednesday, March 19, 2008


by Anne

Finally, there's Sabres' hockey tonight. I had to watch the Flyers beat the Thrashers, but just barely. Too bad Kovie isn't a more accurate shooter (HA!) Yo, but seriously, Philly, that was really bad. I know the Thrashers overall are a pretty shoddy team, but you don't leave Ilya Kovalchuk alone in the slot. And I mean ALONE, like no one within a stick's length of him. You deserved to lose for that alone.

DID ANYONE ELSE SEE DANNY BRIERE AND ERIC PERRIN DROP THE GLOVES?! They didn't fight, but I was so ready for it. They're both tiny, ha. At least they picked the right player to challenge. Danny claims to be 5'10" and Perrin is 5'9". Not exactly the matchup that was Ray and Domi, but I would've taken it. That'd be like Roysie fighting Kaner. Hahahahahaha! THAT I would pay to watch.

Ugh, is it wrong that I'm never confident? I'm never feeling good about things. I really think we're going to lose to Tampa tonight. I really do. All signs point to a Sabres loss:

(2) Mike Smith
(3) We don't play well under pressure...or, wait...actually, we kind of do...well, at least recently
(4) Thomas Vanek
(5) I still don't have a car

Speaking of cars, I'm looking at a 2004 Hyundai Elantra tonight, anyone have any thoughts on Elantras? It only has 27,000 miles on it.

This team just needs that one thing to push them over the edge, that one game or that one motivator, that one glimmering beacon on the horizon...

(Cue "2001: A Space Odyssey" music)

Wait, what's that?

It's dim and far away... too far away...

What could it be?

Wait, it's getting brighter...

No! It couldn't be!

Could it?

Are our SabreHearts so lucky?

No, not a chance...

Hold on! What's that



He's practicing! His sternum should be fully healed by now! AHHHHH!!!!!!!

Ok, ok, its too soon to say if he'll be back in the lineup for the regular season...but he could TOTALLY pull a Timmy and be back for the last 2 games and the playoffs...should we make the playoffs...which if we don't I'll still love the team...yes, yes I will.



  1. Kaner and Roysie.... HAHAHAHHAAHA

    Oh boy. That would be fun[ny].

  2. The only fight I'd like to see more would be Marty and Millsey. I mean, COME ON! That would be so weird and awesome.

  3. I feel dumb... how do you center/put borders around the pictures? I've been trying different links and I think I may be a little mentally challenged.


    Ryan+any fighting=awesome!

    I hope we win :x 10th place is NOT COOL.

  4. Ok, the frames appear around the pictures on their own. To center them I'd select "none" for the layout when you upload them, and just center it as you would text.


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