Wednesday, March 19, 2008


by Anne




What the bleepity bleep was that?

My thoughts exactly,

I was enjoying some tasty Zebb's food with S(h)ara, Tina and Jess whilst watching the Sabres' game with an awkward 3 second video delay. After the 2nd, I was considering betting it all on the college basketball game on the TV next to me when...what's that? Oh, its 4-2? Ok. Hey, 4-3...Yay! Even if we lose- Yo-yo got #20! I accidentally high-fived a lamp I was so excited. No one else in Zebb's was nearly as pumped as I was. So I'm thinking: hey, we could do this...4-4! 4-5? 4-6! 4-7?!?!!??! After I collected myself off of the floor, I bounded happily home, ready to write about our joyous happenings and discuss the game in depth with S(h)ara on the car ride home.

WA-HOO!!! 6 goals in the 3rd period? On only 10 shots? WHAT? Thanks, Vinny! Thanks, Kari! I bet John Tortorella wishes he'd started Mikey Smith, who has never faced the Sabres.

20 goals in 3 games? Goals # 20 and #21 for Yo-yo? ANOTHER NATURAL HAT TRICK for Britney? Take that, Mogilny! 3 hat tricks for Thomas Vanek and 2 against the Lightning? In the last 3 years we're 11/12 against Tampa? WOOOO!

I'd like to point out that the Roysie, Staffy, Britney line combined on all 3 of Britney's goals. When those boys are good, they are SCARY good.

Poor Paul Ranger, that arm injury looked realllllly painful. If its not BADLY broken, I'll be shocked. It was so rough, I looked away for fear of protruding bone, that's how much pain he appeared to be in.

Caps lost BIG time, 5-0 to the Blackhawks so: Welcome back to 9th place, Sabres fans.

I can't even tell you how happy these games make me. Wow. Just, wow.

I have to rent a limo bus for this smoothie ride. Everyone in!

Private to Vincent Lecavalier:

Sorry, Vinny. You scored goals 38 and 39! I'm sorry your team (minus you and Tiny) sucks.

You look really good with the Art Ross Trophy, though!

I'm sorry my South East boyfriend... no hard feelings?



Dear Anne,

If I were mad, would I post this picture just for you?

Is that better Anne?


Oh dear, she's collapsed. I suppose I'll have to finish this post for her....ummm GO BOLTS!

But, yeah, for serious, we really lost bad to your team, Buffalo. You're good.


Anne's South East Division Boyfriend


  1. Anne... smelly salts... smelly salts....


  2. Clearly there is too much Vinny-love among the Sabres faithful.. he thought he could just score at will...

    until the Sabres got the memo that he is NOT to be un-chaperoned in their zone. EEK that was frustrating!

    But wow what a win. You think you were going nuts? I was there! I almost had a heart attack.. multiple times. damn it was sweet.

    btw, how was that car you looked at?

  3. I yelled a lot at the Sabres when Vinny was hanging out all alone and scored.

    The car was good, but the owners turned out to be jerks, so i decided not to take it. The price was right, but I didn't feel comfortable buying a car from them, back to the drawing board!

  4. aww too bad about the car. You should try to find a Mazda, they're awsome!


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