Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Sabres @ Devils or How Pommerdoodle Got His Groove Back

By Anne

S(h)ara and I watched the game together last night over some La Nova Pizza, despite our mutual adoration for the team, we rarely watch the games together. Although, perhaps that should change.

Apparently, the team went bowling the other night to get their mojo back. The Buffalo News reports that Ruff was the clear winner. Uh, duh? Of course he was. If you were a player on a team that was not playing so hot, wouldn't you want to let the coach win? Kind of a,"Wow, Lindy, you're so great. It's really remarkable. What a guy. Not only were you a great player for the Sabres back in the day, you're also a phenomenal coach. AND now we know, a fantastic bowler as well....Please keep me in the line-up." Clearly, Paetsch didn't do a good enough spit and polish on Lindy's bowling shoes, because he was scratched. Roysie also had an excellent night at the lanes. This left me perplexed until I realized that Roysie (who has a shoulder injury) already knew he was sitting out tonight's game. And, hovering near the top of the team's individual stats, accompanied by his cushy, multi-year contract, (upon which he is making good...I'll get to you later, Vanek) he doesn't need to hold back too much....just don't beat Lindy. And he's Roysie- he's adorably skilled at all sports and athletic feats.

My dear Pratters was back in the line-up and had a belly-flop style dive to poke away a puck headed toward Millsey. Welcome back, Pratter.

As far as the KaletaLove is concerned, I must say, my love is still at bay. However, there were many moments where I felt I could've been swayed. Delivering bone-crushing hits and skating away as if it were nothing- that's what I like to see. It gave the team a little momentum.

Then, dear LORD, GRIZZ! Stop! I already love you! You don't need to keep being so much more AWESOME than almost every other player on the ice. I just about collapsed into a fit when he busted down the ice to knock one of the Devil's to the side on a breakaway. It was magical. I think S(h)ara almost had to get out the smelling salts, I was swooning. Skating hard and fast on the net? I felt overwhelmed. And THEN! Jochen to Grizz, Grizz to Pommerdoole and then THEY SCORED A GOAL! A LINE THAT WORKED AS A SYSTEM, COMBINED THEIR EFFORTS TO SCORE A GOAL! WOOOOOOO!! ok, so Grizz didn't score in the shootout. But that's ok, he can be allowed, it's a lot of pressure to put on a rookie.

UPDATE: Seriously, I can't take much more. This just about puts me over the edge:

Get out the brown paper bag, I'll need it. ::swoons::

Oh yes, the shootout. This leads me to the game's T-OC or Time-Out Chair. It overwhelmingly goes to one Mr. Thomas "gold plated jock-strap" Vanek. I mean, I won't go on and on about his contract, or how much I hate Kevin Lowe or how the following exchange occurred during last night's game:

Anne: S(h)ara? You know who I miss? Even though I'm not supposed to admit that I miss him?
S(h)ara: Who do you miss?
Anne: I can't say it.
S(h)ara: Who is it?
Anne: Ok, well it starts with a D.....and ends with an -anny Briere.

We're getting your crap-tastical play for the same amount that Philly is getting Danny? So Danny didn't play so hot against Buffalo in their first game against us, big deal. Danny had his share of crappy games when he was a Sabre too. THE GAME IS ON THE LINE AND YOU LOSE CONTROL OF THE PUCK IN A SHOOT OUT? COME AGAIN? WHAT WAS THAT? I thought Mike Robitaille was going to leap out of the broadcast booth in Buffalo and drive to Ottawa, meet the Sabres on the tarmac and punch Vanek in the face. I still love you, Vanek, because you are who you are, but please. PLEASE. Make you worth your contract.

On the subject of contracts: Soupy. What's the sitch? I have a feeling the Soup's not on in Buffalo. Why? Because with Roysie (eeeeee!) Yo-yo (wooooo!) and Vanek (ehhhh?) tied up in higher ticket contracts, we're gonna need to save our pennies for when the time comes to re-sign Mr. Miller. Millsey means more to the team than Soupy. Sorry, Soup, your bushy red mane poking out of your helmet is cute, but not as cute as things like this:

Although, Soupy, you do sway me with this argument:

Ok, and who can forget the softer side of Soupy?

And leaving your skates on that hit during the Ice Bowl was pretty bitchin'. Ok Soupy, just sign to the Sabres for a reasonable multi-year contract and call it a day, but don't be too greedy.

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