Tuesday, January 8, 2008

(Re)Call me, call me for some overtime

By Anne

This entry's title brought to you by Blondie. There are surprisingly many lines from that song that would apply in here. (Call me, call me on the line; Call me, call me anytime).

In my years as a SabreFan there have been many call-ups from Rochester that have come and gone. My stalwart refusal to love them until they become full time roster members has kept me strong through trades and send-backs. I even refused to love girlish-squeal inducing Derek Roy until he was around for a loooooooong time. I didn't even warm my heart to Pommerdoodle until the '06 playoffs. Yet, in recent years, perhaps I've grown soft. Last season I allowed myself to fall head over heels for one Mr. Drew "Thrash Metal Zombie" Stafford. He's basically the perfect man in my book...tall, dark and handsome, young(er than me), an excellent hockey player....and a bitchin' guitar player. I let my guard down then, and it paid off.

I've ignored Sekera, batted nary an eyelash at Mike Weber, took me until early this season to welcome Danny Pie-yay into my heart, Mark Manc-who now? Just to name a few.

However, once again, I can't help but make an exception for Clarkey "Grizz" MacArthur. Try as I might, this season, he's worn me down. Who can forget that OT winner against Boston? And to top it off, my dear Staffy passed him the puck on that one. He's scored 2 goals in 1 game...a feat some of our more experienced goal scorers have yet to accomplish this season. He's cute, he's clearly kissing ass in his interviews (keep on keepin' on Clarkey, earn that roster spot!), and he SCORES GOALS. The happy dance I did when I saw that he'd been recalled again finally clued me in: Anne, you've let a call-up into your SabreHeart again. Don't let him get ya.

Also, I've learned this afternoon that Mr. Patrick Kaleta, Buffalo native and Ottawa brawler (his first NHL game, I might add), has been called up for tonight's game against New Jersey. Also in said-Ottawa game he notched his first NHL point...on a pass to the Grizz himself. In this winning drought, we need our heroes. Tomorrow's Pommerdoodles and Roysies. Could it be? Is there room in my SabreHeart for another call-up? I just don't know if my SabreHeart can take it.

Could this equation prove to be true??

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  1. gotta love those rochester boys for their spirit. stafford won my heart last season when he threw down in drury's defense against the senators. kaleta's always been one of my favorites, i've got a weak spot for those hometown boys hehe.

    it's okay anne, you can let down your guard a bit for the boys of ra-cha-cha... it's only natural ;)


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