Thursday, January 31, 2008

I had such glorious plans...

By Anne

So, I was just going to post my running thoughts that I usually type during the game because I've been told that those in and of themselves are quite entertaining. Yet, I forgot to email them to myself so I could post them.

Then I woke up like redonkulously late and I'm in one of those "I've done what's normally an hour long morning ritual in 15 minutes and my feet might still be at home in bed" fogs going on.

I will merely highlight game BAMF. For details on last nights game, see the blogs on the side bar ->

BAMF of the game for Game 50 at Florida...... and earning his 2nd BAMF in as many games:

*(drumroll please)*

Mr. Ryan "Hey!Look!Ididn'tflakeoutinthelast2minuteswahoo!" Miller

Millsey, you had some bad-ass saves last night. You were already my silent secret favorite player, but I felt it was to obvious and bandwaggony to proclaim it from the rooftops. Nevertheless, today, Mr. Shutout, I salute you. OMG I just read the Buffalo News - Millsey's Grandma was there!! How cute!!!!

To honor the occasion, I present you with this totally boss commemorative charm for your charm bracelet collection:

Our first runner up is Hank "MillseyIgotyo'back" Tallinder. He made a Yo-yo like sweep of his stick to deny what would definitely have been a goal. Millsey was all splayed out after making one sweet ass save and puck slipped over his right pad and was this close to going over the goal line when Hank the Tank stepped up and the Panthers were D-Nied. And you messed up a Panthers' breakaway in the first. For your speedy skates and quick thinking you get this swanky silver skate pendant:

And finally our 3rd gentleman of BAMFness goes to Mr. Britney Vanek. Wooo! Keepin' those babies!

But, Anne, he scored our only goal! Shouldn't he be 2nd?


Britney has, what, 14 goals this season? He should have like 30 by now. But, nevertheless, he came through when we needed him to, and on the powerplay no less. I still love ya, Brit. So, for this you earn our 3rd place award:

A Bronze bas relief of Wayne Gretzky. Hang it in Blake's room and enjoy.

10th in the Conference! Captain February will be selected Friday. WHO WILL IT BE?!?

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