Wednesday, January 30, 2008

And they're off!

By Anne
Game 49: Sabres at Lightning

Tampa came out of the gates like rockets and the Sabres did not do a good job of controlling them on the rush, fortunately, no goals were scored for them early on. Otherwise, this game probably would've ended differently.

There were a few stupid-ass penalties tonight. Fo' real, drawing a 5 on 3 is just stupid, Hank and Dmirti.

Really, those are the only glaring negatives that made me yell at the TV. I normally do that a lot when we don’t play well so I took this as a good sign.

Onto the highlights:

Tone had 2 points on the night (0+2), as did Grizz(1+1), Roysie (1+1) and Yo-yo (0+2) Pommerdoodle notched 3 (1+2). Staffy had the game winning goal (1+0). Woop!

Quick "Who Knew" moment: apparently Buffalo is the only team in the NHL that has 11 players with 20+ points. Sweet. Sissy has scored 8 goals? Really? Yee-haw!

Ever notice how much goaltenders look like scared puppies when the puck is being played behind the net? They crouch down and look side to side all lost and confused. On a related note, there's very little I hate more than seeing the total deflation of a goaltender's posture when they're scored on. Unless it’s Emery, then I love it. I should've picked Millsey as my Mr. Zero, Pittsburgh scored waaaaaayyyyy before Tampa.

It took me until 15:20 of the 1st to realize that Kaleta was playing. I thought he was re-assigned to Rochacha. Poor Kaleta probably wasn't even back in his house in Rochester for 10 minutes before they changed their minds and recalled him. Goosie is sick? But he played. I'm so confused. does not keep me well updated with this breaking news. Where my texts at?

Every Lightning wanted a piece of Kaleta last night. I bet John Tortorella promised a beer to the first guy that took him down. He almost fought once but was called on a line change so it didn’t happen. The other dude had the gloves off and everything.

Roysie was working really hard to be game BAMF tonight. He ripped a hard shot on net and nearly decapitated Holmqvist in the process. It was reminiscent of the shot TimmyHo shot on Gerber in the December 26th game against Ottawa.

I'm sad to admit that after all this time, I still have no idea why most players are thrown out of face off circles. I don't get it. All I know is Goose gets thrown out a lot and Roysie almost never does. In this game, Vinny Lecavalier had the most decidedly won face off I've ever seen. I want to come up with a nickname for Vinny, but somehow it seems wrong.

You know, I'd like to be checked by Lecavalier, but I think the appeal is lost on Hank the Tank. For a moment on the PK, Roysie appeared to try to take on Vinny against the boards… I'd like to take on Vinny against the boards. (What? Anne, control yourself! Staffy might hear you!)

There were, of course, some "almost" goals tonight and some "OMG is he hurt?!" moments. My game notes read as follows:

Nice turn around Goosie, to Pie-Yay to Kotal- denied

What a shock, Britney gets a nice pass from Staffy and can't get his stick on it. And great, he then skates off "gingerly" Wonderful. Even if he's not producing I don't want him off the ice. Oh lord, Britney's head is down on his hands at the bench. Back injury anyone? Phew, Britney is back on the ice.

Millsey left my beloved Vinny goal-less, but he did notch a point. However, so did Alfie, so they still maintain their positions as #1 and #2 in the league in points, as Ovie didn't register any points... neither did any other Capital for that matter. Eep.

In the first intermission we got an interview with Soupy. Somehow he managed to look sweaty, but not sickly as usual. He also looked mildly attractive. This is a clear indication that I still have an “All-Star Weekend Zen” hangover. During the 2nd intermission we got Roysie. Something about that camera and that lighting makes the Sabres look pretty good, note to self: call Versus’ video production guy and get him to work for MSG.

You can always tell when non-Buffalo based reporters interview Sabres. We in Buffalo have all heard about the contract situation and have moved on to other things to ask players about, but not the rest of the country.

Also in the first intermission, we learned that Keith and Brian are torn as to the Sabres' biggest problem. Keith thinks it’s the offense being bad defensemen and Brian thinks its the defensemen being, well, bad defensemen.

On the fashion front:

Lindy, there was a lot goin' on with that ensemble last night: Black and silver polka dot tie over a black and silver striped shirt. Dang. Oscar, being our resident fashion expert, did not approve of the choice, but approved of Lindy choosing a color palatte similar to Oscar's own. Then, Versus showed a picture of Lindy in his first season rockin’ a more earth toned and casual look. I prefer sleek, Jack Adams award winner Lindy.

Versus interviewed Jay Feaster and all I can say is: OH MY HELL! A GM that takes responsibility for their team's shortcomings!? Hey, Darcy, taking notes?

In other games tonight:

Yo! JP, way to try to kill Tim Tom. Ha, but Tim Tom got you back courtesy of a black eye.

Props to Rupp of the Devils. He hasn’t scored a goal since March 2007 and he netted 2 tonight.

Montreal is sweet. I'm putting it out there - Montreal will be in the ECF this season.

I can't lie, I was watching House so I was a little in and out during the 3rd period. But I did take careful note of the Sabres' fans that always seem to find the seats behind our bench on road trips. There was a chick behind Lindy wearing an original away blue and gold jersey and I can safely say her hair style was out of date even when they were just the "jerseys", not the "vintage logo jerseys".

BAMF goes to Millsey. He was sweet.

Sabres improve their streak on Lightning home ice to 6, and to 11th in the Conference.

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