Friday, February 1, 2008

Do you really want to huuuuurt me?

by Anne

The weather outside is absolutely disgusting. So disgusting that I find it difficult to go to work today. But, here was my train of thought as I lay in bed, staring at the clock:

"Ok, I could call in, I still have sick days left...but I have to finish entering, someone else could do that for me, no big deal...if I call in I won't have to hear the girl who sits next to me screaming on her phone about how Precious took her job at the bar....but if I call in, and then go to Pearl Street to watch the game and someone I work with sees me, that could be bad."

And in what has turned out to be a defining moment for me, I chose comfortably watching the Sabres play a road game in Atlanta at a bar when the weather is gross over missing work. Thus proving that I love the Sabres more than I hate my job. Wow. Who have I become?

Any tick, congrats to Ovie for pulling ahead in the NHL scoring records. I wonder how Ovie celebrates this stuff? Does he care? Do you think he'll celebrate by investing in a new tooth? I originally thought he had lost the tooth long ago and didn't wear his fake veneer at the All-Star Game, only to realize that when he was interviewed on the red carpet, he was still sans tooth, leading me to believe that this has been a recent dental tragedy. Poor Ovie he's lost withou- wait, he's the NHL scoring leader and is making $9.5 million on average for the next 13 years, I don't feel bad.

Sabres have slipped to 11th place, but it is through no fault of our own - we didn't lose, the Caps just won. So, I'm not worried.

Kovie might be back in the lineup tonight, I haven't heard the results of his MRI yet after he and Ruutu had a battle of the knees the other night. UPDATE: Kovie is not playing tonight.

Atlanta is planning on getting payback for our last meeting which, lest we all forget, was a 10-1 Sabres victory featuring hat tricks from the 2 Sabres who are most beloved by the residents of Sabretooth's House. You know what, Atlanta, bite me. Even if you win tonight- in both games we played against you in Buffalo you managed to score 1 goal. We scored 16. Yeah, that's right 16-1. Chew on that, Kovie, how does it taste? Bitter? That's what I thought.

Ok, so we did lose against Atlanta in Atlanta on January 6. But the Sabres couldn't buy a win then, so I don't really hold that against my boys.

And, you know what? The Southeast division sucks. The Southeast is like the "No Child Left Behind Policy" of the NHL. We have to keep the slower kids in with the regular kids, just to keep them progressing, well I say phooey! Go hangout in the sunny part of the Eastern Conference and leave those of us who barely made it into work today because of the freezing rain in peace.

Coming later will be a post from S(h)ara on her thoughts on February's captain. As I am severely divided amongst myself on the issue, it is best that she tackles it. My post would be mere half, incomplete sentences where I second guess any decision I make on who our next captain should be.

I will leave you now with this, try not to swoon too much:

And this. If the video didn't make you swoon, just be sure you're sitting down now:

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  1. ever been to erie? i went there for school and it is just as bad, with less to do than buff.


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