Friday, January 11, 2008

Game +/-

By, Anne

I bring you the game's +/- for last night's game against Ottawa:

-We were once again without Roysie and the Soviet Bomber, AND TimmyHo AND we lost Sissy after the 2nd due to back spasms, leaving us with only 5 D. Although, Pratt and Campbell looked good together. What a cute defensive couple.

-Ugh, there is nothing I hate more than short-handed goals scored by the opposition. Those 2 in that Philly game were gut-wrenching. asdfnasdgangAlfredsson. Kotalik and MacArthur were back at the point, and neither could control the rush...well they are forwards and not defensemen.

-As per usual, 0/3 on the PP. But hey, it's never been our thing.

-Staffy had some not so stellar moments. 2 penalties in a row? I can't imagine he was told to take either of them. He slept on the couch last night.

-The shootout was poor. Grizz is now 0/2 in shootouts. Although, being without TimmyHo, Roysie and Maxy, they were probably about to throw Petey in there if it went another round.


+Thibault stopped 23/25 and kept Ottawa scoreless in the first round of the shootout.
N.B.- Roby told us Thibault has 38 shutouts in his career. That's pretty f'amazing when you think about how much of his career has been spent playing 2nd fiddle.

+Pie-yay broke a 17 game goal drought to tie things up on a nice wrister over Gerber's shoulder.
+Grizz nets another one, making his season total 7 points in 15 games. Not bad.

+6/6 on the PK, although in my book, at least one of those is negated by allowing the SHG.

+With the injuries to centers TimmyHo and Roysie, Adam Mair got pulled up to skate on the 2nd line with Kotalik and Vanek and he was all over the place, finishing his checks and messing up Ottawa's top line. He had one great opportunity to finish things off in OT, but couldn't connect.

+Unlike the last 2 games, this team kept the AlfredssonSpezzaHeatly line under control, they were not able to play the same game they've been able to play against Buffalo earlier in the season.

+THOMAS VANEK SCORED IN THE SHOOTOUT WITH HIS USUAL EFFORTLESS STYLE WOOOO!!...of course if we'd put him in the top 3 we would've won...but I digress. WOOOO VANEK! Clearly my expectations for Vanek's play are not what they were a year ago. But he did play well last night.

+There were no sightings of SpartaCat and his $1.50 weave.

+I love shots of backup goaltenders on the bench, especially when that back up is a waste of space like Ray Emery. He apparently got into a fight with teammate Brian McGrattan during practice yesterday. Awesome, it does so much for team morale when teammates fight each other.

I have the mind of an 11 year old boy sometimes. After reading this line, I now plan to use the word "groin" to describe someone instead of something like "dick".
"Derek Roy and Maxim Afinogenov were joined on the shelf by Tim Connolly (groin)"
I'm aware he wasn't calling TimmyHo a groin but I laughed, regardless.

Grizz gives great, Pommerdoodle-esque post-game interviews:
“It’s a mixed feeling for sure,” MacArthur said.“I go from hero to zero like that, huh? I tried to freeze [Gerber] early and he was sliding back with his pads on the post. I didn’t have much chance. The right move would have been to shoot. I’d love to have that shot back.”
And, as usual, Soupy gives great shout outs to his goaltenders. We all know he and Millsey are BFFLs:
"He was great,” Campbell said. “He gave us a chance to win in regulation, a chance to win in overtime and in the shootout. It’s too bad we couldn’t reward him.”
Ok and then I read this on And we're uncertain about offering Vanek 7 years for $50 million?I mean, clearly Ovie is a phenom but that is insane. 13 years? $124 million? It's a gamble that will more than likely pay off for the Caps but MY LORD. 13 years? Kids born today will be preparing for high school when his contract expires. Next it'll be Sid the Kid's 87 Year, $87.87 billion dollar deal. (Have to keep reminding us of his birthday, so we can't say we didn't know when we forget to send him a card.). His grandson will be contracted to the Penguins before his son is even born. Ovie's a $9.5 million dollar cap hit. For the next 13 years. Crazy. However, its obvious why the Caps want to keep him around, he's an incredible hockey player and he genuinely seems to love Washington and being a part of the community. He does a lot for the city. I say, congratulations and I hope it pays off for the Caps and Ovie. Where would the Caps be without Ovie? It's clear they don't want to find out until at least 2021.

This equation is definitely true:

And the Caps hope this one is true too:

Can you tell I love picture equations?

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