Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Need to Listen to Rebecca Black more

by Anne

Yesterday I said it was Thursday April 5. Ummmm, yeah. Tuesday. Do they make days of the week underwear for adults? Looks like I might need them to keep my days of the week straight.


I almost forgot that I re-committed to blogging.

It's amazing how the roster of a team changes so drastically over the years. It really struck me the other night while watching the beginning of overtime against Toronto. I remember the first season I started this blog, Mike Weber and Andrej Sekera had their first significant call-ups to Buffalo and they were nothing short of awesome down the stretch. Reggie came to the team and floundered around a bit but has come off of a benching hot these last few weeks. Weber went down to the AHL and stayed there, mixing in a significant injury and some not-so-impressive 1 - 2 game call-ups over the last two seasons. However, since he's been here recently, we're seeing the player we caught a glimpse of in 2008. He still hits hard, but he's taking fewer bone-headed penalties, and is playing strong defensive hockey in his own zone.

It brings a tear to the eye.

I have developed a soft spot for stay-at-home defensemen. Bonus points for being American, and bonus points for being a Buffalo Sabre. He and Sir Christopher are going to have to work hard in the playoffs to win the title of "Anne's Favorite Sabres Defeseman."

I really can't believe that I'm not going to the game on Friday. What kind of fan am I? When I worked at HSBC Arena, going to games was no big deal. It took me most of this season to realize that not being able to be at every game blows. BLOWS. If I'm still living in Buffalo come August, I'm re-applying to work at the arena. It was one of my favorite jobs. Even if I didn't always love it, you couldn't beat the perks of random player encounters and, most important: knowing people who can hook me up with free beer on occasion.

However, my former blogging partner in crime, S(h)ara is aging another year on Friday so I will be celebrating the Sabres on their march to the playoffs and her birth.

Good night all.

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