Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getcha Popcorn Ready

by Anne

Watching Kovygate from a distance is awesome. As long as the Kings don't get back into it, I'm enjoying this thoroughly from the comfort of my own home.

Watching people do a happy dance and then suddenly being punched in the face by news of the contract's rejection has been hilaaaaarious. I loved re-reading Dmitri Chesnokov's tweets about Kovalchuk's party and how happy he is AFTER reading about his contract being rejected.

Why Lou Lamoriello would accept such ridiculous terms is beyond me. Why the NHL chose THIS particular ridiculous contract to reject is beyond me as well. However, I'm glad it was rejected because of it's completely blatant circumvention of the rules.

I read a tweet yesterday in which someone said the NBA's collective bargaining agreement has a clause that allows for the rejection of contracts that circumvent the spirit of the cap rules, why doesn't the NHL have this? If it did, Pronger and Hossa's contracts would've been rejected immediately as it takes them both to 42 with a SERIOUS drop off in salary in the last few years of the contract. Lame.

Darcy Regier might be maddeningly cautious but at least he never gets the team into situations like this one. It's not Kovalchuk's fault the team agreed to this ridiculous contract, it's LL's fault for signing off on it.

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