Thursday, June 24, 2010

I wish I was going to be at the Draft/Yo, Chicago, calm down

by Anne

My #2 team is hosting the NHL entry draft on Friday. I hope to see Dustin Brown there when the Kings announce their pick and the trade that sends Kovalchuk's rights to Dean Lombardi for the negotiatin' of a new contract. Even the NHL schedule is planning on this happening. The Kings' home opener is against the Atlanta Thrashers. Fan crisis moment: Can I really cheer for Ilya Kovalchuk? Once he starts scoring like crazy, I'll have no problem, I'm sure.

While I'm not terribly excited for this year's draft class, it would still be exciting to see the players drafted and be there while some crazy trades are going down on the floor of the Staples Center. Maybe after I get a real job (I have an interview on Monday, fingers crossed) I'll start saving to go to LA for a game this coming season or the season after. There's always the possibility of seeing them play when they head East for a road trip. Maybe back to Nashville? Columbus? We shall see, but I really want to see the Kings in their natural habitat.

Everyone has November 19th circle on their calendars, RIGHT?! :) That's the day that the Kings come to play the Sabres in HSBC Arena :) I'm not sure if I'm going to wear any Kings' gear; I don't want it to look like I'm cheering against the Sabres. What will probably happen is that I'll just wear plain black and cheer all of the goals.  

Speaking of trades and such: YO, CHICAGO, CHILL. We all knew that the Blackhawks would be cleaning house, but not necessarily this soon after and not necessarily this many trades at once. Byfuglien, Eager, Sopel and prospect Aliu (whom I have a soft spot for because he served as a  Russian translator during the NHL combine interviews) to Atlanta for Marty Reasoner, two picks, and prospect Jeremy Morin. I love Marty Reasoner because he had Greener were BFFs when they played in Edmonton. 

In addition, the Blackhawks sent poor adorable little Collin Fraser up to Edmonton for a 6th round pick. Yikes. 

I mostly don't care about these trades because they will have limited or no impact on my teams. However, do the Thrashers really need another enforcer with only limited talent in Ben Eager? It'll up the opportunities for Kaleta and Eager to renew their old rivalry, but still, really Thrashers? Really? 

Also on the UFA front: I'm glad the Sharks re-signed Patrick Marleau. I was getting a little tired of hearing Sabres fans drool over him, but am sad that Joe Pavelski wasn't dealt to the Sabres. I loves me some Pavelski. 

Looking forward to the Draft Party tomorrow night! Who all is going to be there?

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  1. I too had my heart on Joe Pavelski, but I'm consoling myself with the conviction that now we're going to get Jeff Carter for sure.

    Good luck at your interview!


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